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  1. This is my first post on this thread and I'm just curious as to what everyone's strategy is with middle relievers and setup guys with good ratios in terms of your overall pitching strategy and rotation? It's hard to make roster spots for these type of guys.
  2. He is safe to deploy in all formats this week, and every week until he loses playing time or enters a terrible drought.
  3. Devo always goes 2-3 innings depending on pitch count and was brought in later in the game than previously so no surprises here for the Giles owners. Not like they have an elite closer....oh wait, they do and he got the SV today.
  4. DEVO put himself in a pickle but managed to do his thang and get the SV.
  5. "devil's avocado" is perhaps my favorite type of avocado out there. Fun fact.
  6. Right now he's really just competing with Kim. And Buck seems to be favoring Mancini a bit more right now although it could just be an anomaly. Gentry is also in the mix but he seems to be playing more time at RF.
  7. Love the people who overreact. He's an ace and will finish as a Top 10-15 pitcher again. Even higher if he goes to the Cards.
  8. Me: "Look at Jacoby crossing over sports like a effing BOSS"
  9. After opening day I find myself at the bottom of my league rankings with 27.5 points. 10th and last place. THE SEASON IS OVER! SUCH A TRAVESTY.
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