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  1. Perhaps Soler over Devenski and Gray over Maeda are my next two moves.
  2. Xander is better, Marte helps your team a lot more. Don't have any problem going after Marte in this case.
  3. Already made the Beltre move...Buxton move is a little harder for me because I already have a crap ton of OF'ers and have a strong crush on Dev...helps so much with the ratios and can get K's and the once or twice a month W/SV. Gray over Maeda seems possible but I think I like Wood over both of them. Thanks!
  4. I think you made out on top honestly. Like that deal a lot actually. As for the second, just ride the hot hand like everyone else said.
  5. Agreed...I have some guys that just aren't producing right now so when they get their bat back I'll be golden...especially with my pitching rotation. I grabbed Beltre, dropped Olson.
  6. I'd definitely try and trade Mazara while he is hot because when he does come crashing down, it won't be lightly. He's not this good unfortunately and the OPS speak for themself. Can try to go after Dee although that definitely won't get accepted...you'll likely have to throw in someone else.
  7. Cool. Thanks for the advice. Was thinking the same thing actually.
  8. Jon Gray is also available. Been on fire these last 3 outings...
  9. As we know, moves in the early season usually dictate the rest of the year and if you fall too far behind it's hard to catchup, especially in points leagues. In my 10 team roto keeper league, I'm currently sitting at 4th...not too far behind the pack in terms of points with a great opportunity to catch up. Just recently acquired Sale and parted with Goldy. Was an easy move considering this was the last year I could keep Goldy. Every year, I am near the bottom in saves...I just don't target elite relievers. So I essentially punt that category and don't put mu
  10. These leagues are so frustrating. Guys like Matt Adams, Gleybar Torres and Moncada are just hanging on the WW because of limited roster spots.
  11. In my 10 team roto keeper league, I still have Deshields on my DL. First thing I obviously need to do before any other transactions can be made is figure out who to drop to bring him back. I'm thinking I let Matt Chapman go to bring him off. After this, Matt Adams and Moncada are hanging out there on the WW. Do you prefer either of these guys over Matt Olson ROS?
  12. Assessing my roster in my 10 team Roto keeper league. Keep 3, max 3 years. Matt Adams, Moncada, and Torres are on the WW and I'm a fan of all of them. Would you grab any of these three over Chapman, Olson, or Gennett at this point? I also still have Deshields sitting on my DL so I need to make that mod before I do anything else. Who do I drop to bring him off?
  13. This is also my last year with Machado, so I'm debating whether I look to trade him now or not?
  14. Thanks for the help all! I went ahead and made the trade. Now I am going to look to trade one of my other arms and a bat for either a closer or a hitter with decent AVG and RBI's.
  15. Drop McCarthy for Kingham, Faria for Richards and I'd honestly go with the hot bat in Peraza until something changes.
  16. Was just proposed the following trade in my 10 team ROTO keeper league: Give: Goldy Get: Sale I acquired Goldy in 2016, so next year (2019) would be my final year to keep him. If I acquire Sale, I'll have him as a keeper for the next 3 years (not including this current season). I'm pretty stacked at pitcher right now, but Sale could definitely bump me up in K's. Thoughts on this trade?
  17. Looking to free some roster space to bring Deshields off the DL. I'm considering trading Manaea and either Jose Mart or Chapman for either Thor or Stras. Thoughts on this trade?
  18. Even if he reproduces last year, he is a must own for the first half of the season in every format. Now, he is getting save opps over the current closer Giles with a chance to possibly run away with the job if he continues his dominance. If Devenski was stock, I am LONG. Grab him and rejoice.
  19. If it's only one spot that Ohtani will occupy I think the offer is fine. Otherwise it makes no sense to do that.
  20. Olson and it's not close. Guy finishes the year in the Top 25 for batting easily.
  21. Like everyone else, I agree that PT is the main factor. Davidson is the safer play.
  22. Really happy you posted this. I have been going back and forth between Stroman and Ottavino and I just think Ottavino provides such great ratios and a W every 7-10 days that he's so valuable. Stroman is struggling and looks like his injury has changed his delivery a little bit. I made the move dropping Stroman for Dev right after I made this post because I just went with my gut. My other pitchers are very strong so I felt I could afford this move. Thanks man.
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