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  1. I'm highly considering dropping Stroman for Devenski. Thoughts on this? If not him, who else? He's a must own at this point.
  2. I am not but I was just mentioning not really having any options to drop. Funny the below two mentioning dropping Ottavino. My other option would be to trade two players and get back 1 to make room for a waiver addition. Might try and target an elite closer. Thoughts?
  3. Only issue I have here is that its still early and Stroman has proven to be a stud many times. Just don't want to be that guy who drops him too early. Ya know?
  4. @greenbaypackers12 @jmoney23 You fellas do understand that Ottavino is ranked 8 right now in ROTO right? He hasn't faltered yet and is destroying batters. Perplexed by your logic there.
  5. In my 10 team ROTO keeper league, I'm trying to figure out if I should add one of these arms: Lopez Devenski Chirinos My bats are very strong and the only one I can see getting rid of is probably Jose Martinez...pitching wise I like my pitchers but Stroman is struggling. All three of these guys have tremendous upside with Dev being targeted for more saves it seems. Thoughts on grabbing any of these arms over my current roster? Thanks in advance. For mobile: 1) Yahoo 10 Team Keeper Roto 5x5 (Keep 3 for 3 years)
  6. Agreed with everything except I kind of like Pirela more than Hicks. I think he has more upside and potential to be more valuable honestly.
  7. You can get way more for Altuve. I would not settle for that.
  8. 10 Team ROTO Keeper League Appears that we are about to lose Andrus for at least half the season after fracturing his hand last night. Who should I grab to replace/fill his void? I can move Macho Man to SS, and have other guys to occupy 3B, so I can either use this as an opportunity to grab more pitching help or a high-upside offensive type. Was thinking of either grabbing Chapman, Thames, Lowrie, Dickerson, Junis, or Peacock. Thoughts?
  9. 10 team Roto keeper league. Thames has started very strong and I'm wondering if I should grab him in place of Haniger or Scooter? Thoughts?
  10. There's one and only one answer to this topic. I'm a Peacock captain, you gotta let me fly.
  11. Castillo has more K/9 upside but Gray when healthy has better control and ratios. Gray here.
  12. 10 Team ROTO Keeper League Considering dropping Chase Anderson for either Junis, Peacock, or Bradley. They could help with my ratios better than Anderson I feel even though its still early... Thoughts on this move?
  13. We will see if the trade is accepted. Also, Ohtani the battery was just dropped. Thoughts on acquiring him?
  14. Springer side. Buxton is raw still but could turn into something in a few years but if you want the advice for now through the next few years then you got it.
  15. 10 Team ROTO Keeper League (Keep 3, Max 3 Yrs) I am looking to make a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 deal to create an opening for a WW player with high upside like Swanson, Junis, Peacock, Choo, or Newcomb. I'm currently carrying a lot of SP's, all of which are pretty solid but I'd like to grab a more elite closer and want to try to aim for Jensen with is poor start to the season. Considering trading Benentiendi + McCullers for Jensen + JD Mart, and maybe dropping Ottavino for Peacock just because he's the only guy I can see dropping unless Haniger or Gennett don't produce over the next 3-4 wee
  16. Yeah i completely agree with this. Love Haniger but also don't want to miss the breakout if Anderson keeps it up. Those steals look tempting. Was trying to figure out a 2 for 1 to target JDMart but can't really come up with anything. Struggling to get Anderson and Peacock on my roster. I have a man crush on Peacock and he may be closing soon.
  17. Similar situation here. I want to add one of them as well for some speed. Anderson I believe will be the higher contributor and has a high ceiling. You know what you're getting with Villar and he appears to be in 2016 form. I'd roll the dice on Anderson. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/699911-drop-haniger-stroman-whir-100/
  18. Everyone really doesn't seem to keen on Tim Anderson haha. Ok thanks! However Haniger and Stroman are not keeper material anyway so that doesn't factor in to this decision.
  19. I cannot contribute to this because I've never played this type of deep league so I don't know how to factor in all scenarios. Thanks for the help with mine though.
  20. Neither option is fantastic. I actually passed on grabbing Middleton because I wanted someone with higher K potential and explored middle relievers who are destroying it like Ottavino. If you're strictly chasing saves, Middleton will get more opps but he is not the only one who will get them. He's your best bet to grab more saves though.
  21. Awesome deal for you. Guy who let Stras go is a moron. I feel he is much better than price.
  22. Thanks. So do you see any other move to make to get Anderson on my team?
  23. Stay put here. I like your offering much better than what you are trying to get back in return. Felix will regress. He's just having a nice start.
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