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  1. Think Franco has more upside ROS than Anderson? I am leaning towards the speedster honestly.
  2. In my 10 team Roto keeper I'm thinking about making the following two moves: Drop Haniger for either Tim Anderson, Franco or Owings Drop Stroman for Kennedy, Mahle, Panik, or one of the above mentioned Thoughts on these moves? Roster: Castillo, Goldy, Albies, Machado, Andrus, Blackmon, Benentiendi, Cespedes, Olson Bench: Scooter, Haniger DL: Deshields P: Quintana, Mccullers, Maeda, Stroman, manaea, Godley, Anderson, Iglesias, Kela, Ottavino
  3. I need some help at relief so I was thinking of scooping Middleton. Also have a trade out there for Strickland. This is a 10 team Roto keeper league. Current arms are quintana, mccullers, Maeda, Stroman, manaea, Godley, Anderson, Iglesias, Kela, and Reed. Who do I drop for him?
  4. Some idiot dropped him the 2nd day of the season for King Felix or something. I grabbed Godley and Manaea and dropped Leone and Devenski. Really want to add Peacock but don't think I want to let Reed go just yet. I'm also wanting to make a play for Strickland because Melancon doesn't appear to be in good shape and Strickland has the stuff to close ROS. Thoughts on trading for him?
  5. Devenski was an asset last year on my championship run. Was lights out.
  6. Godley and Folty are also available. Robertson also intriguing.
  7. And who's the drop? Leone? I have a strong love for Peacocks also...
  8. Assessing my arms right now in my 10 team roto keeper league. Several options exist on the WW including: Just to name a few... Junis Manaea Mahle Bailey Skaggs Peacock Matz Roark Should I add any of these arms in place of someone like Leone? I grabbed Reed because Rodney is not staying at closer. He's going to be replaced in the next weeks. For mobile peeps: 1) Yahoo 10 Team Keeper Roto 5x5 (Keep 3 for 3 years) C: Castillo 1B: Goldy 2B: Albies 3B: Machado SS: Andrus OF: Benintiendi, Blackmon, Cespede
  9. For those who don't understand, FOMO = fear of missing out. This is currently me regarding Ohtani as a batter. Took Kluber deep and made it look effortless. His crappy spring is irrelevant at this point. Looks like they are gonna have to keep him in the lineup a few days a week now which seems valuable. Question is, would you drop someone like Scooter Gennett for him? I could also part with Leone since he hasn't looked to good so far.
  10. Thanks for the help on mine. Glad you recognize the whole ratio thing as many do not. I have to side with the majority here. I don't like Trade 1 at all based on what you have there. Trade 2 I could definitely be happy with. Sanchez is only going to get better year to year and you're getting rid of two guys that have some years under them and you know what you're getting, but the potential on Sanchez is worth that move.
  11. McMahon is getting his shot early and his offensive power and speed is tempting. Is there anyone on my team who you would drop to take an early flyer on this guy? In case you can't see my sig: 1) Yahoo 10 Team Keeper Roto 5x5 (Keep 3 for 3 years) C: Castillo 1B: Goldy 2B: Albies 3B: Machado SS: Andrus OF: Benintiendi, Blackmon, Cespedes UT: Olson SP: Quintana, McCullers, Wood, Stroman, Maeda, C. Anderson RP: Iglesias, Kela, Claudio, Devenski, Leone Bench: Gennett, DeShields
  12. My roster is in my sig, but summary is 10 team ROTO Keeper League. Assessing my roster (just drafted last week), is there room to stash Acuna? Thinking of letting Maeda go in the near term, to bring him on...thoughts?
  13. That's correct, first team in sig. And yes, was my thought. Just always get burned my not keeping an elite pitcher and I think Sevi is going to keep getting better every year.
  14. Hello folks, need some help figuring out which players to keep this year. Machado - this is the last year I can keep him Goldy - can keep for 2 more years Blackmon - keep for 3 years Severino - keep for 3 years Benintiendi - keep for 3 years Right now, I'm leaning towards Machado, Goldy, and Severino.
  15. Standard scoring who would you pick? Olsen, McKinnon, M. Bryant, j. Stewart, or Riddick. Pick 2.
  16. Standard scoring who to roll out: Need to fill 1 RB slot, 1 WR, and 1 Flex. Options are M. Bryant, Wallace, Cole, Westbrook / J. Stewart, McKinnon, Riddick, Hyde / Olsen Current lineup: QB: Dak RB: Bell, McKinnon WR: Baldwin, Bryant TE: Ertz Flex: Olsen K: Gould D: CHI Bench: Bortles, Stafford, Foles, Stewart, Cole, Hyde FA: Wallace, Westbrook, Riddick
  17. This is easy but I'm curious who your other wr's and flex are. Juju is the easy pick here with his matchup and he's the clear 1 this game.
  18. Nope. Let me reiterate. Collins is the workhorse, lead back. He's going to get his touches. West has been awful in the games hes played. Deploy Collins still.
  19. Does it really matter? WAS D should be able to keep them both at bay. Who knows...maybe they will even get a chance to start DT at QB. You get a shot, you get a shot, you get a shot.
  20. Have similar predicaments with my RB/WRs. Don't have to worry about Bell at RB and Baldwin at WR, but I'm debating on McKinnon, Riddick, and J. Stewart as well as my WR and Flex with M. Bryant, Wallace, Cole, Westbrook, and Olsen. Ertz at TE.
  21. Yeah definitely tough choice here for me. Bortles has looked good but idk how he's going to look or what Bortles we'll get today in SF on the road and against probably the hottest team in the league right now. I think I may just stick with Dak.
  22. Honestly I think they are both Top 10 RBs this week but because of the rain here in Baltimore I'm pretty comfortable rolling with Collins as I think he's going to turn in his biggest performance to date today.
  23. Yeah, I have trouble backing away from Prescott in the championship considering he's been out there for me all year...but I do love the other three matchups better barring weather issues.
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