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  1. No Hyde is screwed going up against JAX. Start Gill. Burkhead is out. Lewis will be the huge beneficiary but I like Gills upside compared to Hyde.
  2. I'd take the risk that is Sterling. I don't like Diggs in this game and he hasn't been good for a few weeks now. Don't expect a performance from Shep like last week but I expect him to get open on at least one play when PP is not shadowing him and get his 15 pts.
  3. Final game in my standard league. Options being Bortles, Stafford, Prescott, and Foles. I honestly like the upside of all of them but I am really leaning towards Bortles for some reason. Thoughts here?
  4. Those are terrible options for a championship but please don't roll out Flacco (coming from a diehard Ravens fan). The weather is s---y. I'm honestly going to have to recommend Eli. Cards D hasn't been great. We'll see if P Pat matches up on Shepard but I like his upside.
  5. Tough choice. I live in Baltimore and the rain isn't supposed to stop. I myself was going to roll out Wallace but I've decided not too. Goodwin isn't a great choice either. If I had to pick one then I'd go with Wallace but don't expect anything more than 70 yards and no TD's.
  6. I know good point. I am heavily leaning towards leaving him in there because I honestly am shocked I'm saying this but I think Jimmy G is gonna be able to move the ball into the RZ against JAX and give Gould opps. But Lutz is definitely the safer pick.
  7. Gould's been real solid and I expect SF to be able to move the ball on JAX a little bit. But are Elliott, Lutz, and Boswell better options this week?
  8. I have these two and Dak and I'm rolling with Bortles. Where there's risk, there is reward.
  9. I'm kind of wanting to just roll out a bunch of players on my team and on waivers who have great matchups due to either the primary person being injured or going up a great defense. This is a standard league and the championship and I'm just feeling like I want to gamble. My roster as it is set right now: QB: Bortles WR: Baldwin, Martavis Bryant RB: Bell, J. Stewart TE: Ertz FLEX: McKinnon K: Gould D: CHI BN: Keenan Cole, Hyde, Tate, Stafford, Dak, Perine, WAS D Waiver options who I think have a great weekend being: Wallace, Riddi
  10. This one for me is easy as long as the weather is not an issue. Keenum 1000%. If the weather is poor then I would go Goff.
  11. Bortles and I'm going to go with Riddick honestly.
  12. Should I roll out WAS vs HOU or CHI vs CLE? Both are good options and going up against the 1 & 2 worst offenses. I currently have Gould but should I grab Lutz, Elliott, or Boswell who have better matchups? Thanks for your help.
  13. I don't know why but I really like KC this week. I think they are going to maul MIA for some reason and I think Smith has a big game with 300+, a long run, and 3 TD. I think he'll check down to Hunt twice and he'll score. Please help with mine!
  14. My choices are Dak, Stafford, or Bortles and I'm rolling out Bortles with confidence.
  15. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/689630-championship-lineup-2017-whir-100/
  16. Keenum IMO is a top 5 play this week. I don't like Brees. Foles is a fantastic streamer but Keenum is your guy.
  17. I like Goff and I would say start Adams if he suits up this week.
  18. Made it to the finals in my standard yahoo league. (1 Flex). Please help me decide who to start in the championship. Lot of different options. QB: Dak, Stafford, Bortles, Foles (I'm leaning towards Bortles in a tasty matchup, but also like Foles) RB: Bell is a no brainer, Hyde vs JAX, McKinnon vs GB, Perine vs DEN, Stewart vs TB WR: Tate, Baldwin, Cole, Bryant TE: Ertz or Olsen K: Gould, Boswell, Lambo, or Dawson DEF: WAS vs DEN, CHI vs CLE (wish I could start both) Other options on the WW are Wallace, Shepard, Westbrook, Goodwin but most likely not v
  19. Maclin hasn't really been good at all this year. Bryant is the safer bet.
  20. My options at flex today in my ppr playoff match up are: Jordy J Stewart Perine R Smith Amari Leaning towards Nelson since A Rod is back. Thoughts?
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