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  1. 24 man roster, 4 Taxi, 3 IR I am 0-9 in a league in which I took a team over and had a dispersal draft. I loaded up on draft picks and have 2 first round / 2 second round picks in 2018, with the potential for a 3rd first round pick. A guy offered me a crappy deal: I get Tarik Cohen and I give up D Carr and a 2nd rounder. Do I try and go crazy and counter for Carr and a first rounder for A Rogers? He's in desperate need of a QB this year and is contending. Thoughts? Post your link below and I'll return the favor.
  2. Dak + Crabtree seems like an option then since Cousins is his backup qb. Or I could just do Dak for Evans straight up.
  3. This has been my going in plan all along. Just started questioning when he threw that trade at me. Grabbed Dalton immediately. There's some other guys out there I can pick up and stream based on the best matchup. Update: There is no one the WW worth picking up and streaming. Dalton was the last man that could be picked up. Bortles and Keenum are all that remain worthy of any type of matchup based add and even then there's no confidence.
  4. Your advice is the only commendable on here so thank you haha. And yes I was feeling the same. The offer is definitely pretty close. What do you think about the above options I listed? That guy who offered Cam + Alshon also has Hyde, Gurley, Cooper, Funchess, Kamara, and Ty-god.
  5. Thinking of trying to move AB for Dak + Crabtree or Carr + Howard?
  6. Wouldn't trade any 3 of those guys for such a mediocre return. Should be able to get a RB1 and a WR3 or WR2 for them or vice versa.
  7. Well I don't agree with your assessment at all. Mainly because Garopollo isn't starting for at least the next few games. So, dropping Dalton for him would leave me QB-less. So that's not an option. SF is 0-8 so they have no hope of saving their season and the deal was done for the future. Jimmy will probably start the last few games of the season so they can get a taste of what to expect and how the offense flows through him. Thanks though.
  8. Subject says it all. 12 team ppr redraft and I'm 7-1 and in first. This guy is trying to capitalize on this and has offered me Alshon + Cam for AB. Thinking about it, but is this a good move for me? Team as it stands now: QB: Dalton RB: CJA, Thompson, Powell, Darkwa (super weak I know) WR: AB, Evans, Fuller, Nelson, Anderson, Cobb TE: Ertz, Witten K: Gostkowski, Fairbairn (bye week fill in) DEF: Lions, Chiefs Post your link and I'll return the favor.
  9. It's been pointed out that my RB's are very weak with Powell, Crowell, D. Murray, Hunt, and Thompson. Trying to capitalize on Rodgers injury and acquire Jones. My WRs are AJ Green, Tate, Thielen, Fuller, Pryor, Moncrief, JJ Nelson Considering trading Pryor for Jones and if that doesn't work than maybe Fuller. Thoughts on this in my 12 team PPR redraft? Post your link in your reply and I'll help back.
  10. I honestly think Fitz has a better chance at being productive than anyone that has the misfortune of lining up next to Hundley. He is absolutely horrible. Tough call. If I had to choose one, I'd say bye to Jordy.
  11. I could try and trade Thompson for Amari Cooper on a limb the guys accepts because his best RB is Mike Gillislie.
  12. He also has Diggs, Garcon, and Cooks. But yeah I'm looking to move Fuller for a solid RB honestly.
  13. A fews back, pre-Palmer injury, I offered Chris Thompson to the Larry Fitzgerald owner and he declined. He now has proposed the same trade to me, obviously since Fitz' value takes a hit since Stanton will be back there trying to sling it. Does it make since for me to make this trade now? 12 Team Full PPR redraft league Roster: Cousins, Mariota D. Murray, Hunt, Crowell, Powell, Thompson, Vereen Green, Tate, Thielen, Pryor, Fuller, JJ Nelson, Moncrief Doyle, Hooper, Gates Leave your post on your reply and I'll contribute to yours. Thanks.
  14. 12 Team MFL PPR redraft. Team is struggling at RB, so I'm considering proposing Chris Thompson for Fitz. My WR/RB are as follows: Hunt, D. Murray, Powell, Crowell, Vereen, Thompson AJ Green, Pryor, Thielen, Tate, Fuller, Moncrief, Nelson I think this trade helps me out and him out. Thoughts?
  15. Tough here but I think Cohen needs to be owned, and it's a toss up between Golladay and Kupp. I think Golladay is the safer choice.
  16. 10 Team PPR Just received the proposal of Gronk and Alshon for my AJ Green. My roster: QB: Matty Ice, Winston RB: Hyde, Powell, White, Sproles, Henry WR: AB, Green, Watkins, Diggs, Maclin, DJax TE: Graham Would you make this deal? If so, I could try and trade for a solid RB is my thought.
  17. Kareem Hunt is NOT the Night King. Even if he may have looked like it last night...
  18. The Night King will destroy Westeros. Please........ His intentions are no such.
  19. Yeah I mean, in what other scenario do the Rams win? They have one of the toughest schedules. @JAX is no shoe in and at home vs HOU maybe. Possibly their last game at home vs SF. Really no better week to use them then against the Colts without Luck, Kelly, and Davis. Just my thoughts.
  20. Is anyone in survivor pools where you pick a winner and a loser each week? Just wondering what type of strategy people implement here. For instance, if you pick NE to win, do you automatically pick KC to lose, and risk getting knocked out in both sides, or do you pick separate games? Week 1 I usually don't like to mess around so I can get a feel for teams, but I'm leaning pretty hard on picking either the Rams or Bills. Rams to win, and Browns to lose is the pick I'm currently favoring. Thoughts?
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