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  1. There's plenty of space in my league that I just start. Game of Thrones inspired. Please see post.
  2. Yes snake. Draft order will be determined randomly via http://www.draftordergenerator.com/
  3. Invite sent. FYI, league joined first and then payment once we fill it.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm starting up an ESPN PPR SNAKE Re-draft league. Buy-in is $25. Hoping to start at 3:30 PM EST. If it can get filled in time, and there is enough interest in making this a keeper league, then we will do so. Comment below, or PM ME for league link. Payment must be made via Leaguesafe AFTER joining. I will send you the link once you've commented or PM'ed me with your name and email. Let's get this going folks!
  5. Ah, slight misinterpretation of your post.. "just at 20 so it's easier fill." Assumed you changed the buy-in so it was easier to fill.
  6. I appreciate the grammatical errors you corrected me on. I should've have you proofread it before posting. I won't make that mistake again
  7. He's not playing in 2017. This thread is pointless and can be closed. There is no outlook for 2017 so we therefore have 23 pages of worthlessness.
  8. Johnson is the #1 pick in every format you can possibly think of. Don't overthink this. I just drafted last night and took him with my first pick and then I grabbed A Rodgers on the turn.
  9. Solid team however I question how productive Benjamin can be this year, and I expect Walker to regress with all the new targets available in TEN. Very small rosters too but you have some sleepers on that bench.
  10. I went with my gut and couldn't pass on Cousins at that spot. Kind of regretting it, but being able to lean on either Mariota or Cousins against the better matchup this year will hopefully come in handy. And hopefully Luck can get healthy fast, so O'Doyle Rules and I don't have anything for TE.
  11. Well balanced team. I think you should be good for the year, and a few of your bench players might just blow up.
  12. Outside of Cousins, Big Ben, River, Stafford, just to name a few. And there are probably a few other players that I may put ahead of Witten. Also, I wouldn't say he's worthless because he would act as a safety blanket for Tolzien.
  13. Freeman and Green. Don't even consider Brady, and I like those two over Thomas.
  14. Yes, this kind of falls in line, with take the best available player mantra. In which case, Cousins is a great pick considering his ADP and the value I can get out of him. However, I do already have Mariota and could wait for a backup in a later round. Witten or Fleener would also be a solid backup to Doyle or starter in the event that they outperform him.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I was leaning towards one of those two as well. Just commented on your post.
  16. Not sure how you ended up with this good a squad but it's downright dangerous. And if your team can stay healthy and Graham comes back to life this year and Dalvin Cook and manage to run behind that awful O-line, then you're team may be unbeatable. Nice job.
  17. I was slotted with the 10th pick in this 12 team PPR 2 Flex Redraft and my roster so far consists of: QB: Mariota RB: D Murray, Crowell, Powell, Hunt WR: Green, Pryor, Tate, Moncrief, Thielen TE: Doyle My next pick is a big one because I'm trying to draft the best available, yet aim to choose depth in the right position. This league has 2 flex spots also. On the board, I could go with Cousins, who is great value right now. Or I could go with some of the other available options such as Witten, Fleener, R Matthews (TEN), Gio Bernard, J Stewart, Burkhead, Ginn, or Robby Anderson. I believe Stewart, Matthews, Anderson, and Ginn have a good shot at surpassing their ADP this year. Thoughts on who to take with this next pick?
  18. Yeah I forgot about him when I posted this haha. I'm torn on this pick right now. Not sure what to do here.
  19. This is a no brainer for me. Pull the trigger. Actually this trade really makes no sense for that guy.
  20. I give the nod slightly to Woodhead but not sure honestly. Also, as much as Iove Wilson, I'm a firm believe in waiting on a QB. I can get same value with a Stafford, Winston, or Big Ben than Russell. And there's so many WR's I'd love. I think Garcon and Parker completely annihilate their ADP this year. And Snead is intriguing since he is now the #1 in NO.
  21. Was targeting him the next round actually. I want to believe he'll be there in the 7th.
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