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  1. Better late than never. Inserting a top 5 pick back into your lineup after 2+ months feels real goooood.
  2. Had him benched - needed to protect FG%. No sweat, let's hope he can keep this up! although the boom or bust is tough to play.
  3. hahaha boys come on now, too much negativity in the thread. If you're still alive for playoffs, AD can be huge for us! Just keep him out of lineup a little longer but eventually he's going to play full minutes. Patience!
  4. Watching as a non-owner. Chef channeling his inner Jordan last couple weeks...
  5. Oh man, I am REALLY excited about having this guy for the final stretch. Let's also not sleep on 2/2 FTs tonight.
  6. Excluding all the injured players, Morant is probably the biggest bust in my eyes. Average points, average assists, weak steals, weak FG%, no 3s, bad FT%... Hopefully he's still got a lot of development ahead of him because this year has tempered my expectations a bit.
  7. I saw John Collins name being floated around as a 'bust' and think that's crazy. He's been AMAZING for me in ROTO.. I don't think people realize how hard it is to find big men who give great FG% with great FT% and then also contribute 3s, points, rebounds, blocks... If Capela wasn't around he'd easily be a top 10 player but I'll gladly take top 30-40 in that crowded Atlanta rotation.
  8. I'm literally laughing... this guy's birthday is TOMORROW! he's partying this week and told nets he got a family matter hahaha. kyrie don't even care anymore you almost gotta respect the boldness.
  9. 22 mins tonight. Killing my FG%. It’s been real fellas. Using his roster spot for waiver wire flexibility.
  10. Well said. These random DNPs are so damn annoying. IMO the biggest takeaway this year is harden should go #1 year in year out. So durable and loves his counting stats (whether he admits it or not). Very jealous of harden owners.
  11. So good. Just imagine if he got 30+ minutes a night.
  12. Lmao nurkic is out two more weeks my guy. I’m in roto and desperately need assists. Nurkic was a ww pickup for me btw. Also holding on to AD, I’d much rather have a free agent spot I can use at my discretion.
  13. I panic dropped nurkic for this guy after watching him play against Utah lol. It’ll be interesting to see if it was the right move.
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