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  1. 12 team, .5 ppr My team Dak Sanders, Gordon, Gibson, Hines, Lindsay Godwin, Golladay, AJ Brown, D. Johnson, Cooks, Shenault Gesicki Dont have much faith in Gesicki going forward and could use the upgrade, but kind worried about losing the rb depth.
  2. My drafted WRs this year AJ Brown, Godwin, Sutton, Golladay, D. Johnson cant believe I’m gonna have to likely seek out some trades to improve that group after 3 weeks
  3. He owned it so much they released him to make Robinson the main guy.
  4. I talked myself into flexing him over Golladay. And as a Jags fan, I KNEW it would backfire. I just can’t help myself with this franchise. gawd I hate myself right now All the stars aligned for him to have a great week. Minshew was not good, but they didn’t even try anything creative to get him more involved. Very strange.
  5. The CMC one isn’t terrible if you think you’re team is good enough to hold on until he gets back. but I like your second one better. Can easily afford the TE loss and I don’t think you’ll every play those backs.
  6. I’m a Jags fan so probably a little biased, but I like Chark. This doesn’t seem like a significant injury and Minshew is gonna be slinging around the ball a lot this year with the bad defense on the other sides and I trust him more than Burrow
  7. .5 ppr I have Godwin and D. Johnson locked into my WR spots. Was planning to play Golladay (or Gibson) In my flex spot. But now with Chark out and the great matchup, was probably gonna go Viska. Plus it’s probably be safe to let Golladay get a full game in coming back a hammy injury?
  8. Very close, but I lean towards slightly towards McLaurin
  9. .5 ppr Need to play two of these guys (or Gibson if you’re feeling spicy), currently have Shenault and Gordon in, but it was just announced Sutton is playing. Only reason I’m hesitant with him Is because playing two guys vs that Pitt D seems dicy.
  10. So I’ll likely be without Godwin and A.J. Brown this week, and not to keen on Golladay playing. Leaves me with just Diontae Johnson and MAYBE Courtland Sutton as my only healthy options. Missed out on all the waiver adds this week, Campbell, Miller, Davis, etc. Dont really want to play MGIII in my flex vs Pit, and need another option just in case Sutton can’t go. Will drop Boston Scott to do so now that Miles looks healthy, for this week at least. .5 ppr My options are: Shenault, Reagor, Lazard, DJax, Amendola, Edwards?
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