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  1. If I wanted to see for example, Lebron's lifetime seasonal Yahoo rankings to check out his trend etc... is there such a source?
  2. #48 in 10 team 9cat-roto..... pretty happy, someone made fun of me for him... We'll see who's laughing in April. Then again Simmons and Russell went right after so its gonna be pretty close, but I think Simmons will be closer to VO value than Russell.
  3. Meaning no one knows WTF is going on there in minutes, starters, etc... so let it settle and take the "surer thing" in RHJ? I think ima do it.... I have a feeling, looking at TJ's stats now, he will drive me mad with the inconsistencies. Its really too bad for him... he's clearly got the talent.... why cant the Knicks get at least someone like him instead of a Beasley, I mean really??????? SMFH
  4. With the new coach in Pheonix, I feel like TJ is dropping in value while Rondis will stay strong in that bad but fast paced Nets offense. Thoughts? WHIR!
  5. Yup, this... just dropped Donovan Mitchell for him, a bit painful because DM seems like a BC but hey, we dont know his playing time and as for Brown, whether he played 40 or 30 today, the guy who was keeping him from playing 35+ is now out, so I was frankly surprised he was still available in my league, but hey, I may just think about reselling to Gordon's owner LOL, that'll be fun since usually he always tries to rape me on deals, see what he does now. He aint Chris Mullen but I wouldnt say his jumper is "broken"... if he hits 3's, steals, and points with some added blocks here a
  6. My sig has my current team.... I think I am most weak in FT% and AST, but otherwise comfy.... Any suggestions and also WHIR, post link!
  7. Definitely Jimmy/Irving for me... Irving gonna kill it with something to prove and immediate leader.
  8. Kuzma or Donovan Mitchell If there needs to be a tie-breaker, I need "sort of" assists and FT%, as you can see from my team in my sig. I am leaning towards Mitchell, esp with Exum out for a long time and Mitchell looks like a better bet than any of those other Utah halfway and fragile players... But Kuzma is also a special talent, wont get me any assists but he has breakout in other cats and Luke said he might be starting 10% chance, and dont think he'll be saying that if it's 0%, there's no point. I think they both get over 28 mpg, so...... Thoughts?
  9. Ha interesting.... I ended up taking DSJ earlier in late 7th and then JJ 3 rds later after my keepers.
  10. Is it a money league and if so please let me in.............. And this guy got taken #27 LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Was this video made by his dad... he's like a quicker, more athletic, better shooting Magic basically, is this right.... can he also part the red sea.
  11. I was fortunate to have him land at #68 for me because my next pick after my keepers is #93, and I like this kid over Fultz. Fultz seems more like a wild card, but this one here, he reminds me a LOT of Lillard for some reason, similar build, look, aggressiveness, quiet cockiness, spring, huge range, and might even be a better passer than Lillard... just FT's might not be as good. Lillard rookie year when I drafted him, bec I thought he was special too, just like D-Rose's rookie year: 19 pts/ 6.5 ast / 3 reb / .430/.844 / 0.9 stl / 2.3 3's Anywhere near that I'd be happy... I
  12. Would you guys pick him over a rookie like Dennis Smith Jr. without any specific needs? I feel like JJ is more in line for a mature safe good season at around #80 than a rookie PG.
  13. Ya thats what I was thinking, esp if I need another PG... but JJ is an intriguing pick, too bad I dont have another pick for 2 rounds now, would love to get 2 of these guys, I doubt they will be here in the 10th.
  14. I think ya AST and also some more blocks would help... if say Whites misses some games you are in trouble there... unfortunately BLK and AST are hard to come by together, might look for a multiplayer/team trade if you really want to improve... otherwise it'll be nominal improvements which I dunno your league but in mine would not really amount to much difference at the end of the year.
  15. WHIR!!! Rd 7 Yahoo 9cat Roto Keeper Rank these guys according to BPA, and then we'll see about needs: A. Gordon J. Crowder M. Fultz James Johnson Dennis Smith Jr. Some really exciting players here, but lots of ??? as well!
  16. Do you guys think he is actually a more valuable pick for a team that has Lebron, for stat share and possible injury/rest insurance?
  17. I think EVERY player is different in when they mature, get more healthy, develop certain stats etc... some are great from the first 2 years and at 19 yrs old, and some not until mid 20's. Not quite sure where I would rate Brogs yet, but if I still need a flyer in last couple of rounds.....
  18. " Johnson played very well in five starts with Miami last season posting averages of 18.2 points, 7.0 boards, 5.2 dimes, 1.2 steals, 1.6 triples and 0.8 swats per contest. He'll make for a solid mid-round selection on draft day." Well then...... Whats your ADP on this guy?
  19. The reigning ROY, are we in for much more upside or will GA and KM steal most of his thunder all year? Havent watched this dude much so not sure if he is enough of a Type-A to lead and take charge for his own stats, for us LOL
  20. Thanks, now I get your "free" part.... Whats really annoying to me is there are so many legit sites listing rankings and hardly anyone tend to state what for... I mean to me rankings per type of game u r playing varies by rounds sometimes, especially like dynasty roto vs just a plain H2H league etc....
  21. And he points to his head because he's smart.... LOL JK He better produce for me
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