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  1. roto says hyde practiced an carson ran on the side
  2. id stay with dallas....he has been the main guy for the past 2 games....wasnt as involved last week because they were behind and homer was healthier....he did get the goaline TD
  3. he isnt a dalvin cook and never has been...im talking about an improvement at the qb position...any improvement and they are fine...he is involved in the pass an run game...he should be ok
  4. you guys are so wrong on this....he is getting paid $$$$.....the season is almost over....if he can play he will play... that is all
  5. i think he is going to bounce back after the bye...vikings is a good place to start...the qb they had this week wasnt bad against the steelers and dalton should be back by then
  6. WR1 & RB1***....RB1 & RB2....RB1 & WR2... WR1 & RB2 & RB2/WR2.....dont settle for anything less....he wins you a league when healthy ***THE IDEAL TRADE
  7. thx coach!! IM SELLING HARD!!! Should be able to get fair value for him especially if you have davis! Let the bidding begin
  8. i am selling him and cmc....with samuels there i cant look at this guy as more than a low end rb2 who is TD dependent. FML
  9. i have davis but like i said i think his output will be destroyed by samuels..its not the same production and they have a bye week 13.....aaron jones has an awesome schedule and no byes...to me its a win...we dont even kno how long cmc can be out with this...based on my points what u think?
  10. i would say no...need more than just godwin....too many mouths to feed in tampa and the chemistry btw brady and the receivers has been very inconsistent....u could prob land a kenny g instead for CEH....stock is low and when he comes back kenny g is a top 10 wide out guaranteed
  11. So i need to win out to have any chance at playoffs....cmc hurt puts a dent in that and he has a week 13 bye...i have davis but the MU this week is not good and davis has been lackluster with samuels taking over alot of the receiving stuff from the backfield and stealing red zone tds. To me this is a steal if i can get jones & thielen but of course CMC is special and it sucks to let him go....thx
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