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  1. 12 team PPR, need 1 RB and 1 Flex from the title. Duke Johnson, Todd Gurley, and Jackobi Meyers
  2. I receive DeGrom, Giving up Machado... 10tm roto, 2nd place. Batting: RBI- 3rd, BA- 2, R- 1, HR- 5, BB- 4, KO- 3, SLG- 4, SB- 8 Pitching: ERA- 8th, WHIP- 9, W- 4, L- 10, SV- 4, HLD- 2, K- 1, Outs- 5, Normal lineup; C- Sisco 1b- Hoskins(1) 2b- Biggio (1/2/of) 3b- Machado (3/ss) ss- Cronenworth (1/2/ss) of- Mountcastle(1/of); Lowe(1/2/of); S. Marte(of) U- Cruz(u only); Lindor(ss) bn- Springer(of); Gurriel(1/3); Edman(2/3/ss/of); Solano(2/3/ss) pitchers(6 any pitchers, I have 6 relievers set and sub in starters on thei
  3. At the very least he has shown he deserves to at least compete for a starting spot. Foles isn't going anywhere with that fat contract and with that money the people signing the checks will almost certainly want to try to get the most out of that and let Foles take the job. I'm hopeful Minshew can make strides this offseason to be more consistent and put Foles in the rearview more permanently.
  4. Coaches seem to outsmart themselves with their ‘matchups’ and ‘roles’. Sometimes the best play is to stop thinking and just use your best players. idk, I guess I’m holding for a couple more weeks, when Driskel took over towards the end of last season Mixon came alive a bit, maybe the same happens again this season. If he wasn’t a 2nd rounder he’d be gone already, I’m running out of leash to give him.
  5. https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/755420/pointsagainst?season=2019&pos=QB&ntid=3 - bears https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/f1/755420/pointsagainst?season=2019&pos=QB&ntid=5 - browns
  6. I am about to take the deal, but I’m concerned about my flex if I move Kupp up to WR? Who plays there, Kirk? Otherwise I’m starting Mixon anyways in my flex when the whole point is to drop Mixon from my lineup completely.
  7. I’d play Parker, don’t see what’s so special about JuJu without AB taking the extra coverage away and no Ben force feeding him the ball. Parker
  8. I would go Boyd, The best WR on a bad team that will have a lot of garbage time. He’ll have his opportunities, I wouldn’t want to rely on him but he is a better ‘in case of emergency’ option than Guice
  9. 12 team Full PPR, 4-5 record in 9th, every game is a must win, top 6 make the playoffs. My RB are exceptionally awful i get Chris Carson i give DeAndre Hopkins and Matt Prater(he has Gould and can’t make any more adds this week) team: QB: Russell Wilson WR: Hopkins, Godwin RB(ewe): Mixon, Ty Johnson TE: Henry WR/RB: Kupp Bn: Goff, Pollard, McCoy, Mattison, Penny, Kirk
  10. I just don’t know what to do with this guy, I’ve been trying to get rid of him since I drafted him and nobody wants him. I’m about to drop for an upside backup(Gallman Pollard Samuels etc). If I drop him I will regret it if he bounces back(unlikely). But I will regret it even more if I miss out on Mark Walton’s breakout when the phins finally ditch Drake. Either way, I know I will make the wrong choice.
  11. timeline: between week 3 and 4; Traded away Michael Thomas, OBJ, and Josh Jacobs for CMC and Larry Fitz(admittedly this looks like it was a lot but I didn’t have any real RB and I’m not feeling Odell anymore plus McCaffrey❤️ Traded Fitz, Hyde, Shady for Saquan and Gallup(in hindsight this really feels like a steal but he was probably desperate at 0-3, I know he couldn’t fill out a roster plus Saquan wasn’t exactly getting good news) week 4-5: Traded MVS and Baltimore for Houston and DJax(meh, whatever, mostly for the lolz cuz I only had 4 guys left from the dra
  12. 14 team ppr. Started with 11th pick in the draft. Record: 3-2 My league mates have been giving me a tough time because I have given up an absurd amount of talent to put my team together. I only have 2 players left from my draft(Lockett and Matt Gay). But this team, if everybody gets/stays healthy, almost feels unfair. Sure my QB and TE are pretty bleh, but my RBs are far and away the most potent set anybody could put together and my WRs are still pretty strong? Before(2-1record): Q- Jimmy G(WW)(drafted Cam 7th) WR1- Michael Thomas(1st) WR2- OBJ(2nd) RB1- Jo
  13. He just had a carry on yahoos play by play
  14. Hmmm... interesting... Howard plays, philly scores points. Sanders plays and philly gets nothing going
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