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  1. He had Jones in up until about 30 minutes before kickoff and then swapped to Boone. I was pretty shocked he switched but I'll take the win.
  2. I need less than 24.85 from Boone or Aaron Jones tonight (standard scoring) to win. My opponent has switched a couple times now so I don't know who he's going to play.
  3. Perriman and Shepard. Edelman is banged up and Brady just doesn't seem to be the same this year. Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. Looks like I agree with Cam: QB - Lamar RB - Boone WR/RB - Mostert WR/RB - Lockett WR - Perriman TE - Andrews DEF - Pittsburgh K - Forbath Help me?
  5. I like Indy over Seattle so that comes down to Gordon vs Drake. I'd go with Indy / Gordon. Help me?
  6. The Jags have a horrible run defense, I'd go with Freeman. Help me?
  7. I think I'd lean towards Winston here. It's gonna be a shootout and they love throwing the ball.
  8. I'd go with Boone if none of the other Min RBs practice today. If they do, Gurley. Stay away from Conner.
  9. I'd go with Boone if the other two MIN RBs are out. If either practices today, I'd probably go with Mostert.
  10. Gotta go with Howard. Rivers and Henry have really been off as of late.
  11. Made it to three finals: 12 team standard: QB - Ryan Tannehill RB - Christian McCaffrey RB - Joe Mixon WR - Tyreek Hill WR - Terry McLaurin TE - Noah Fant FLEX - Kenyan Drake D/ST - Chiefs K - Robbie Gould 10 team standard: QB - Jameis Winston RB - Christian McCaffrey RB - Leonard Fournette WR - Tyler Lockett WR - DeVante Parker TE - Jared Cook FLEX - DeAndre Washington / Breshard Perriman (still undecided) D/ST - Vikings K - Robbie Gould 10 team .5ppr QB - Russell Wilson RB - Leonard Fournette RB - Marlon Mack WR - Michael Thomas WR
  12. I like Mostert and Perriman here. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. I'd keep Boone in at RB and play Perriman at flex. Help me?
  14. I'd go with Boone. Help with mine?
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