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  1. Sunday when SAS close it out, watch how fast ESPN will try to spin their coverage to the World Cup match between USA and Ghana and make it a big deal that it is USA versus the world. They won't let the face of the network takes another embarrassing Finals loss and deal with it for too long. And of course will not give SAS the coverage and credits they deserve. But hey at least we won't have to hear LBJ telling us to go back to live our normal and pathetic lives. At least I hope he is not dumb enough to say it again.

    If SAS can't close it out in game 5, I honestly think it will go to game 7 and the choke-job of last year might repeat again. I want LBJ to go beast mode in game 5. Forget about the 8 rebs or 8, 9 assists, I want him to drop a 40, or 50 points game and just show that he is the best player on the floor, just that he ran into a better team.

    Whatever it is, I want a close game 5, and I want to see LBJ in beast mode. Definitely want SAS to win, but fully expect a strong fight from the defending champs. Should be a good one.

    If San Antonio lose this series, which I've seen even serious news and in depth articles refer to in the past tense, then the legacies of all their players are absolutely demolished. Last year's historic collapse was bad enough, but another to a notably worse Heat team and with an even more commanding lead should lead to Popovich and all the older players just spontaneously retiring...there's no coming back from that.

  2. This will be the quintessential team that won without superstars if the Spurs can finish them off. Not that Duncan didn't used to be a superstar and isn't still great, but he's just not on that top tier level of name recognition and workload anymore.

    Big credit to the Spurs for showing up and staying hungry tonight; how many times have we seen a team get a road win then lay down in the next game?

  3. I know more people want the Spurs to win, but you know what, if the Spurs take this series, the chances of the Big 4 forming increases even more.

    This has become a must win game for the Spurs. No way they win this series if they give away a 19 point halftime lead.

    I said this the last game too that the pressure is on the Spurs to win after having that big lead at the half, but I think now the pressure is on the Heat and not the Spurs. You can't afford to lose 2 straight home games

    Well obviously if the Heat lose it's over for them too, they aren't magically winning 3 in a row, including two in SAS, without a huge referee conspiracy that would make Tim Donaghy blush. Either way I think this is the deciding game.

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  4. The competition would've been much more interesting if the Heat would've had to play in the West. Playing in the East they played a bunch of bad/inconsistent teams that probably wouldn't have even made the playoffs in the West, which is a shame for me as a basketball fan. How great would it have been to see the Heat have to play (for example) the Grizzlies, Thunder, and Clippers just to win their conference?

    I think the league has pretty decent parity right now, it's just a fact that 7 game series make for fewer playoff upsets, and it's a strange coincidence that nearly all of the quality teams reside in the West, so the Heat end up having to win only one contentious series to win the championship, something that has realistically been true (sorry, I don't count an over the hill and shallow Boston team or the raw and undisciplined Pacers as truly legitimate competition) for the entirety of their dynasty.

  5. I'm going with the Spurs, not that I have much against the Heat, just that they've been the best team basically all season, had a much tougher road to the finals (the teams the Heat beat would've lost in the first round of the West- if they even got there to begin with,) and it would suck to have the Spurs' dynasty turn into a joke like the Patriots have become, where they've been good enough to get to the playoffs and occasionally win series, but never able to recapture the magic that propelled them to the national spotlight all those years ago.

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