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  1. Yeah it went through the roof in Dynasty, especially in Superflex leagues. I'm guessing QB #3 behind Mahomes and Jackson.
  2. Ugh, I feel so bad for Texans fans. What an awful trade, BOB is an idiot. Isn't spending all those picks over the years and finding a talent like Hopkins sort of the point? Does he understand how many 1st round WR busts there are? You think that organization is all that happy spending that 1st rounder on Will Fuller in 2016 who was picked even earlier than Hopkins? You just don't let elite talents like Hopkins walk away for anything less than a kings ransom. Well I guess Kyler Murray's value just went through the moon, probably going to be a top 5 QB drafted this season.
  3. His value actually rose in Dynasty this season.... how?
  4. I was really surprised that the line changed from the Saints favored at opening to nearly 2.5/3 point dogs over the week. I'm not really sure what the public saw to be hammering Jacksonville on the spread.
  5. Can't be started until further notice. I would rather start frickin' Mark Walton over him.
  6. I would rather take a flier on one of them. I am never drafting a Patriots RB before the 10th round again as long as Brady/Belichik are running the show.
  7. He got most of those points the week I did not start him. I just don't want to deal with any of the Patriots running backs going forward, only other team I have a Pats RB on is James White in a dynasty team which is fine. I don't care if Michel goes nuts for 2000+ yards and 15 TDs rest of season, I just don't anything to do with it and it's making my life more annoying.
  8. I have an alarm ready to where the split second I can possibly drop Michel from my team it will ring so I can be done with him.
  9. I know he got 100+ yards from scrimmage but I am done with this dude. I refuse to sit around and have Belichik continually troll me by vulturing touchdowns every ******** time I start Michel. It's ridiculous, I want nothing to do with it and it's better off for my sanity if he is just not on my team going forward. Goodbye.
  10. Zeke looked rather sluggish but the line wasn't doing him any favors either. Frankly the Saints did a good job coaching on defense, they were mixing things up all game. For whatever reason the Cowboys kept just running up the middle with Zeke even though it wasn't working.
  11. Yuck. I'm not panicking just yet but if he can't have a big game against the s---y Falcons at home next week then I'm sounding the alarm.
  12. Up against the last place team in a 14 team dynasty league with a team I would consider stacked and am frickin' losing. I thought I would just roll over him but then his Nick Chubb puts up more points than Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgearld and Zach Ertz combined. Wtf
  13. I don't understand it either. I traded for him for the equivalent of a bag of peanuts in a league a few weeks ago and the dude is consistently one of the best route runners in the NFL. He's been to probowls the past 2 season, his injuries were of the unusual type, Rivers love him and targets him all the time in a pass friendly offense..... what more does anyone need to see?
  14. Terrible situation. They either rush the ball 50 times a game in easier matchups or have Kirk struggling to make forward passes in harder matchups. Not exactly a recipe of fantasy success for a team's #2 WR.
  15. What was the point of Houston getting this dude if they are barely even going to use him? I wouldn't be surprised if at some point he becomes a healthy scratch if Houston wants to avoid the conditional pick requirements.
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