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  1. I might be completely wrong but I remember most of white sox line up being right handed other than grandal and moncada, and that their splits against right handers weren't as dominant as against lefties
  2. yall must have some stacked teams if you have the luxury of sitting him even when he plays.
  3. The only concern is that he'll get 3 recs for 50 yards in the 1st quarter and then exit the game with injury.
  4. I mean selling makes sense if you can get the appropriate value for him, if you're concerned about Tua. But most leagues don't value him properly and give him the respect he deserves so you're better off holding and hoping there's no QB change and if there is a QB change, you just hope talent wins out in the end.
  5. Take steelers rb situation over lions all day every day
  6. I read that SD didn't like Trammel's progress, which would explain the trade a bit. SD now probably has the league's best 1-9 lineup bar maybe the dodgers.
  7. If this happened in the league that i am with my mates, it will absolutely not get reversed and the trade will go down in history and get mentioned every year lol
  8. fair. but certainly a lottery ticket. might even just be a platoon with hampson
  9. Called up today and inserted into liineup straight away. 262/335/558 35HR/22SB in AAA this season, coors all week this week, potential league winner in our hands?
  10. would love to have him next season but that's a bit too steep for me. If he had the greenlight to steal AND moved up in the lineup maybe but I can't draft a 6-7 hole hitter in the 2nd round
  11. I was immediately interested yesterday when he hit one hard for an out and then the next one out for a HR.
  12. he sure fked up but he got out of his own mess quite impressively, 3 Ks with bases loaded
  13. I remember when a certain poster here was ADAMENT that eovaldi was the closer and that was the end of discussion. Shot people down left right and centre when they provided reason. shame on you to that poster lol. I won't name and shame but you know who u are
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