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  1. They are similar in value and he should play soon. It's a wash for me.
  2. Holiday & Davis. Davis and KD are similar but Holiday >> RWB.
  3. I would keep Danny Green. He's basically doing what Donte is doing but slightly better.
  4. Probably KAT side but it's two completely different builds. You're trading a lot of AST for REB and BLK.
  5. Yeah, hold until you start losing. JJJ's potential is high but I don't think he's a must hold. He's out another month and potential additional setbacks, the way his timeline is going. Also, he'll probably have minute restrictions and no b2b.
  6. In a vacuum, Trae. If you have a punt FT type build for your team, you can make a case for Benny.
  7. You won, the only concern is stacking your stars is risky with this covid protocol shenanigan.
  8. I would drop Noel. He has nice stocks but he does nothing else. (Decent rebs, no pts, no ast)
  9. I rather have Brodgon. Currently a top 15 player. Even with his current shooting slump, he's averages are 21-2.5-6.5 1st 2.5 3s 39% 100%. (Past 7 day avg 85th on yahoo ranking) As for Bam, his stats are inflated without Butler, so I would take his last years averages. Bam: 16-10-5-1.1st-1.3blk-2.8TO 55% 69% (his FT has improved so say we bump it to 75%) Brog: 21-2.5-6.5-1st-0blk-2TO 2.5 3s 39% 100% (his season avg 22.5-3.9-7.3-1.7-0.1-1.7) His career FG% is 47%, which I would lean more as his actual baseline. His steals seem a bit inflated, so I would expect closer to 1.1. On top of
  10. I think it's too much for KAT, but it's 8T so depending on your WW, it could be worth. Who's the best person available on your waiver? The trade to me is SGA + Gobert for KAT, dropping KA.
  11. I'd probably stay with Ayton. Ayton + best WW would probably out produce MPJ + Jrue. There's no denying MPJ's upside but if you look at his first 4 games, his mins were 29 23 23 40. Due to the depth and his terrible defense, he always has a risk of only playing 25-28 mins.
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