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  1. O'Neill swings at everything. never BB's. Schwarber BB's a ton. They're nothing alike.
  2. He's gotta be the 4th or 5th starter coming out the break after that outing. The Indians have no days off the rest of the month almost. Surprised they hadn't already announced it.
  3. Really hoping we hear something on the Indians plans to bring him back into the rotation or not sooner than later. Waiting on the all-star break here to drop him or another guy or not. Nobody heard anything?
  4. They don't really need to. He only missed one turn. Plus as they stated he did a lot more work in the bullpen after leaving the game. Which probably amped him back up to 60-70 pitches to be ready to go 80-90 his first start back.
  5. Hoping he comes back after the Twins series. Then he could be lined up for DET, KC, @KC. Great 3 start schedule to start 2nd half.
  6. For those who didnt see, He hit a routine pop up down LF line and the fielder lost the ball in the sun light and it dropped for RBI Double. 3 legit hits is nice tho.
  7. I read that there is no timetable for him right now with the shoulder issue. Just need to keep monitoring that. That's not good though considering this guy has never really thrown a ton of SP innings in a long season before and now mid way through is getting these kind of issues. I bailed on him because I can't wait around for a guy with his kind of mediocrity dealing with throwing shoulder issues.
  8. Why are they announcing an "innings" limit? I've never even heard of that. Shouldn't there just be a "pitch count" limit? That's stupid.
  9. Oberg used in the 8th inning of a game the Rockies are down 9-8. 1-2-3 with a K. Let's all scratch our heads and pace in circles on what this one means.......
  10. I get what you're all saying. I just wasn't impressed with his location at all. He was all over the place. Maybe he has more confidence vs the Angels. But the hype on these boards was that he could be somebody special. He just looks "ok" to me. But a major improvement on location could help that. I don't like seeing the MPH die from 95-96 to start down to 91-92 after only 18 batters.
  11. Dude was not impressive at all. Looks like an Erasmo Ramirez type.
  12. Dude looks like Erasmo Ramirez the way he pitches. Nothing to see here. Started at 95-96 MPH first 1-2 innings and curled up in a ball the 2nd time through the order and was only throwing 91-92 MPH on his fastball. Good slider. "ok" movement on his changeup that sat around 81-83 MPH most of the time. His control wasn't anything like everyone's been raving about in the minors. Probably nerves. But A.J. Hinch yanked him at 81 pitches right away with zero confidence. So have no idea if this guy will even get another start in the MLB the rest of this season.
  13. Can't wait for this guy to get hot when the Red Sox are only scoring 4 runs per game. We'll always remember that stretch where the Red Sox poured in 150 runs in 20 games and he scored 4 of them and drove in 2. 😒
  14. No love for this guy? Every other young player in this forum gets so much traction but for some reason not Craig Biggio's son? lol Awesome 4 RBI game today. This guy is a stud.
  15. He didn't even pitch well in the Orioles start. He was so lucky to not get lit up in that one. IMO he's had 2 bad starts and one great one vs Milwaukee. Dude has major control issues. Somehow was also throwing 95 MPH with the fastball to start this one and then lost all confidence in it and went down to 90-92 MPH with it and stopped throwing it while getting shelled in the 4th and 5th.
  16. Allen just made sure he didn't want to stay up. So he'll be sent to minors now
  17. Goodbye. Back to minors for you
  18. The Mets have made world series's in the last 40+ years and have made the playoffs in the last 18 years. They're not the Mariners
  19. You don't bench anyone vs Baltimore
  20. Luke Jackson? Or Minter? This ANOTHER platoon closing situation in baseball again?
  21. My 2 cents. This guy has D- control. He will always rely on luck from umpires giving him the edges. The speed difference between his fastball and change up is nice. And his change up does have some dive to it, but he is erratic all over the zone when it comes to control of these pitches. And then after he falls behind in the count so often, his straight as an arrow 4-seam fastball can easily be mashed when he leaves it out over the plate. This start could easily be much worse. He's had like 2 HR balls go right against the wall in LF. Not impressed by this guy at all in this outing. Making me t
  22. What anger and frustration I'm going to have built up if I see the Red Sox pour 10+ runs on the White Sox tonight. Pretty sure they sat him in a game against the Orioles within the last few weeks also where the Red Sox had like 14 runs. Just missing on so many counting stats you can't get back in roto.
  23. Sitting today vs crappy RHP C. Fulmer in a home game at Fenway. So that they can get Nunez in at DH in the 9-hole and J.D. Martinez playing awful defense in the OF instead? He's also been red hot lately with 2 hits in 3 of his last 4 games and 3 BB's in his last 5 games, getting on base a ton. So no "mental break" needed. He's young so "rest" in a night game after night game, doesn't make any sense. He MASHES RHP better than LHP so the matchup doesn't make any sense. Does ANY of this make any sense? He has to be hurt right?
  24. It's his right hand. This would be way worse if it was his left follow through hand. The right hand is more of a support. Either way not good, but could be worse if that happens. Some more semi good news is that Rockies only have 5 more home games till the all-star break. and those 5 games are against the Dodgers (Rya, Maeda, Kershaw) and Astros. 2 of the best pitching staffs in baseball. If he's able to come back right after the all-star break he wouldn't miss many bad pitchers @ Coors where most of his stats would pour in.
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