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  1. Well 2) makes no sense because if he does that he's clearly not winning any MVP
  2. Houston rumor has them offering 2 first round picks. How does that make any sense? Why would a tanking team give up 2 FRPs for AG?
  3. Team high +/-, starters awful. Does Vogel start him next game?
  4. The thing about lack of consistency is you never know when someone will turn the corner. If you have room for stashing, no reason to let someone else find out on their roster.
  5. For Jorma to drop MCW this kid must be the second coming. Run don't walk.
  6. I just don't see how he can 'easily' double double given how bad he is at rebounding. He needs 36 mins for double digit rebounds to fall into his lap. The rest he fumbles, isn't in position, or tips to a teammate.
  7. Thursday was the last straw for me as an owner myself. Can't see how anyone who watches him regularly could hold on hope after that. That was a game for him to show something. What he ended up showing was that even in a game full of scrubs he looked the worst player on the court. Unless the plan is to tank all of a sudden, I can't see what good comes out of force feeding him minutes.
  8. It's simply not gonna happen this year. Anyone still disagree?
  9. On the other hand, Porzingis, who had the same injury but came back way sooner, looks like he may have rushed it judging by his latest play.
  10. Everyone knows the concept of a sell high. It's another thing when you're presented with that opportunity in the moment. Let this be a lesson that doesn't go wasted. (who am I kidding, same pattern will repeat with the next Boucher)
  11. Now, sitting out every B2B isn't ideal for cumulative value to your team, but given his brittleness, ask yourself if you'd rather he picks up a real injury and miss a stretch of 10+ games? If not, just be thankful he's actually healthy. It's statistically more likely to pick up an injury by playing the next day without rest. it's not as if they load manage for no reason.
  12. Ok. Better FG% and TO, but less 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, with STL being a wash most likely. I don't quite agree with Don getting drafted in 2nd-3rd round every year, but the rationale is clear. He's also capable of taking a leap, and for him that means getting his STL back up to where it has been before, drawing more fouls, maybe improvement in efficiency as well. He'll be in top20 conversation if that happens. Sexton's lack of peripherals caps his upside. As for Nance, probably should pump the brakes on him too with Love due back. We'll see how that thread is looking in a few weeks.
  13. Time will tell. I did notice the 2nd unit struggle massively with rim protection and giving up 2nd chance points (against Wolves no-name 2nd stringers at that) with Eric as the 5. He also wasn't very effective finishing near the bucket. So it's possible he could lose that job at some point.
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