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  1. After I lost both Evans and Ridley previous week I was kinda screwed at the WR position this past week. Still managed to pull off a 0.12 pt win and advance to the final :O I picked up Breshad Perriman and Anthony Miller on waiver this week. Already had Christian Kirk (plus Golden Tate, Marquise Brown and Robby Anderson - my signature is not up to date) I’m starting Perriman in one WR spot. Would you start Miller or Kirk as the second one?
  2. Who would you start at WR2 and Flex? My team is in signature Currently got WR2: Ridley Flex: M. Brown But I was considering moving Brown to WR2 and James White to Flex? WHIR
  3. That’s what I was thinking. I don’t think (haven’t tried though) that any of them would go for the trade if it’s Brady. Im also biased towards keeping Brady since I’m a Pats fan, but I still want to consider what’s best for my fantasy team
  4. Other idea could be: Guy with Big Ben has Davante Adams (he has C. Godwin and A. Thielen for WR depth) Is that a fair and good trade for me?
  5. My team is in signature Since I have both Mahomes and Brady would you try to trade Mahomes for an elite WR to a team that needs a better QB? Mahomes has been a monster, but I figure the difference between him and Brady would be smaller than between my WRs and an elite one. Even my WR1 (Mike Evans) has been pretty poor. The team that has Brees could perhaps be a target. He has Hopkins and Antonio Brown. Any ideas for a fair trade? WHIR
  6. Where'd you find this? And would you play Gio instead even if Mixon starts? I'd still have the option to put Breida at RB2 and then play Landry flex if Mixon starts (and Gio if he doesn't)?
  7. See team in signature. Currently starting J. White as RB2 and Matt Breida as Flex. Would you swap Breida for Bernard if Mixon ends up not playing? WHIR
  8. This sucks lol. Guess I'll check when going to bed but that'll probably be like 3½ hours before game start. Hunt could probably score 25 by himself, but even with the sick games he's had he actually only did that once (it's a no PPR league) Can't really set an alarm and wake up my girlfriend so I'll just hope for the best
  9. So I have Jordan Reed as my TE in one of my leagues. I'm currently 25 points down, so I need all the points I can get - also got Kareem Hunt playing tonight. Problem is that I live in Europe so the game starts at 2.30 in the night for me. Can't stay up until then cause of work. Do you think it's worth the risk of starting Reed (who has sucked so far this season). Or should i pick up Vernon Davis and start him?
  10. The relevant team is Team 2 in my signature. I really want Tom Brady (as a combination of not liking Kirk Cousins and me being a Pats fan). Thought it would be a good time to buy low on Brady. The guy that owns him also has Stafford which would make the possibility of a trade even more likely. Only problem is probably that he is also a Pats fan. What trade would you suggest? His team's RBs and WRs: RB: McCoy, Rawls, Gore, Kerwynn Williams WR: Stefon Diggs, Baldwin, Garcon, Maclin, Guess I would have to give up one of my good RBs, which sucks. What would you do?
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