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  1. You have to have someone else. Anyone else. This is a terrible match for him.
  2. Thielen is sitting on a huge game here. 8/156/2
  3. I have to start either Alshon or Hilton. FML
  4. The Browns aren't trading Gordon. No idea why people think they would besides wishful thinking.
  5. For sure. I always toss on a pair of depends before hitting this forum because of all the spicy takes.
  6. No kidding. If it were a simulation we wouldn't be getting points for yards. Or more than 3 points for kicks at distance.
  7. Fire. Him. Up. I can't believe that he's not an automatic start for people yet.
  8. Tough break guys. Seems like this happens every year. I remember a couple years ago I lost 3 players, all in the first half of their games. Needless to say I lost.
  9. No need to worry. Fire Jones up. I find it laughable that some think Williams is now the front-runner when the eye test alone tells you that Jones is the guy. That walk off run was all I needed to know that he will be a full go. Jones will get over 50% of the carries and with his home run ability he's a must start. I'm guessing McCarthy runs Williams as a 3rd down back this weekend, then if Rodgers comes back his Jones will see even more time as they run more uptempo.
  10. Seen this coming from a mile away. Trent Taylor will become a household name with Jimmy G. Starting for sure this weekend.
  11. Williams will get his as well. Jones is just more dynamic and a home run hitter.
  12. Or Seattle just put out the blueprint to stop Philly.
  13. I like to win, therefore I start winners. lol. Jones is ready to roll and will make hay this Sunday.
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