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  1. You have to have someone else. Anyone else. This is a terrible match for him.
  2. Thielen is sitting on a huge game here. 8/156/2
  3. I have to start either Alshon or Hilton. FML
  4. The Browns aren't trading Gordon. No idea why people think they would besides wishful thinking.
  5. For sure. I always toss on a pair of depends before hitting this forum because of all the spicy takes.
  6. No kidding. If it were a simulation we wouldn't be getting points for yards. Or more than 3 points for kicks at distance.
  7. Fire. Him. Up. I can't believe that he's not an automatic start for people yet.
  8. Tough break guys. Seems like this happens every year. I remember a couple years ago I lost 3 players, all in the first half of their games. Needless to say I lost.
  9. No need to worry. Fire Jones up. I find it laughable that some think Williams is now the front-runner when the eye test alone tells you that Jones is the guy. That walk off run was all I needed to know that he will be a full go. Jones will get over 50% of the carries and with his home run ability he's a must start. I'm guessing McCarthy runs Williams as a 3rd down back this weekend, then if Rodgers comes back his Jones will see even more time as they run more uptempo.
  10. Seen this coming from a mile away. Trent Taylor will become a household name with Jimmy G. Starting for sure this weekend.
  11. Williams will get his as well. Jones is just more dynamic and a home run hitter.
  12. Or Seattle just put out the blueprint to stop Philly.
  13. I like to win, therefore I start winners. lol. Jones is ready to roll and will make hay this Sunday.
  14. I'm starting this kid as I feel he will get a good chunk of the carries.
  15. My thought is how do I join your league? How in the heck is Collins still on waivers?
  16. I think this was the last workhorse week. Couple that with the fact that Clevelands run D is damn stout and it's a bad situation.
  17. I meant than this week, not more than Williams, although I wouldn't be surprised either way.
  18. Jones will get way more carries next week. Williams was chugging along so they were able to let him ease in. This backfield will be a mess though as far as fantasy is concerned.
  19. Packers win and everyone they need to lose either lost or is losing. They may not even have to win the next game in order for Rodgers to come back.
  20. Dude is active this week. Good stash for those dynasty peeps with a slot. Boom potential.
  21. Barber is a the definition of a jag. He went through his college career without one homerun hit. I really can't believe Sims hasn't gotten more run.
  22. They should dissolve the Browns franchise. Duke is their best playmaker and they barely use the kid.
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