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  1. To be fair Wiggins is averaging 1+ blocks this year.
  2. Per 36 what is it going to matter? He will have little to no usage in that lineup. Will never be a volume scorer. His value for now is a shot blocking specialist who can hit the occasional 3.
  3. Who knows, could be one of players involved in the deal going elsewhere.
  4. Welll umm. ok. Covington on the wire in your 4 team league?
  5. You seem to have a weird obsession with hoping Keldon flops, very strange you would be trolling multiple threads for this purpose? I play multiple leagues, some I have Keldon others I missed on him, but objectively your trolling seems quite odd and honestly a bit sad tbh.
  6. Very few "handcuffs" in fantasy hoops that would produce 1st round value if the starter ahead of them gets injured.
  7. "shooter types" still have value in deeper leagues when given opportunity.
  8. Bone bruises can sideline guys for weeks.
  9. Immediate game cancellations and injuries right after weekly lineups lock so nothing can be done but take an automatic loss.
  10. Payton 6-3 185 lbs. Quickley 6-3 188 lbs. But yeah, keep starting Payton over Quickley due to his size 🤔
  11. Probably worth holding in deeper leagues, but I'm not optimistic about what happens after Powell and especially Kleber return. Will they prefer a Kleber / KP pairing to create more spacing and driving lanes for Luka? WCS seems more of a matchup-based player averaging 18-22 minutes a game when they have everyone back healthy
  12. Well if he suddenly starting hitting 3PM and getting stocks, that would put him a top 20 player again like vintage Dray from a few years ago. I don't think anyone drafting him in the mid-late rounds realistically would expect that again.
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