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  1. In similar situation and am going with Colts. I think Chiefs may be safer play, but I need more upside after starting Winston/Watson so am hoping that Grier is just awful in his NFL debut.
  2. Agree with the the other calls of Goedert and Terry.
  3. It's always a risk relying on any Belichick RB on a week-to-week basis, but I still think he's your best bet of the 3 options.
  4. .5 PPR Been playing Lockett (@CAR) all season but he's been non-existent for a while now. I could drop someone for AJ Brown (vs HOU). Even though Lockett has been trash, I'm still hesitant to sit someone I've been starting all year in the Semi-finals. Lockett (@CAR) or AJ Brown (vs HOU) Also, stay with Philly DST (@WAS) or grab SEA (@CAR)? Thanks very much. Leave link for WHIR.
  5. Am in same exact boat and just grabbed Higbee and am now starting him. Everett missed practice today, making it more likely than not that he sits this Sunday. Plus, Andrews could be limited and the Jets are surprisingly stout against TEs. That said, he will likely go off for 200+ yds and 3 TDs now that I made this move...
  6. Darnold (vs MIA), Allen (va BAL) or Murray (Vs PIT)? We lose 1 point per sack taken. Been starting Allen pretty much all year but the matchup makes me nervous (plus winds over 15 mph, which could affect passing). Darnold is tempting with the matchup, but he has a dangerously low floor, as shown last week vs Cincy. Thanks very much, as always.
  7. Lockett & Snell. Lockett still has huge potential, despite his recent cold streak and Snell should continue to see 15+ carries while Conner is out, making him a relatively safe play, even if his ceiling is somewhat limited. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  8. QB: Winston, unless your league is -3 pts for INT, then Ryan. RB: Jones/Sanders WR: Adams/Nuk Flex: Penny, unless Cook is somehow ruled out, in which case Mattison. Thanks for the help w/ mine
  9. Agree with pretty much everyone else that Jimmy G is your safest option out of those QBs. Thanks for the help w/ mine.
  10. Thanks very much for the replies so far. Much appreciated. Forgot to mention I could also pick up Darnold. He has a dream matchup vs MIA, but is also coming off a rough performance. So now its: J. Allen (vs Balt), K. Murray (vs PIT) or Darnold (vs MIA)
  11. I'd actually roll the dice with Winston (unless league is -3 pts for INT, then go Dak).
  12. I also got burned by leaving Galloday on the bench, but I still think he's tough to trust with Blough as the starter. He only had 4 targets last week, so you're kind of hoping for a long TD at this point, whereas Cooper is coming off an 11 target game, making him the safer play, imho.
  13. Penny seems like the safest play now that he's pretty involved in Seattle's run game.
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