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  1. I'm in an 8 team league, so this week is not our playoffs. As long as I don't lose by >100 points I will have a spot in the playoffs which start week 15. With Gronk being suspended this week, I'm looking to add a TE for the week. That being said, I'm having a tough time figuring out who I want to drop. Any help would be great. With that being said, from the following, who would be the most droppable? D. Funchess G. Tate J. Mixon J. Landry A. Collins R. Burkhead
  2. I was offered Kareem Hunt and Mike Evans for him...I'm tempted to pull the trigger, but this man is single handedly carrying my team right now. Thoughts?
  3. Haha all good. I feel you. I liked Evans in there since I have Hopkins. With Watson going down, I'm also a little worried about Hopkins' production going forward/in playoffs
  4. Just updated my sig. But yeah, definitely feeling what you mean. I'm not a shoe in for playoffs, but if I get there I feel like it puts me in a good position matchup wise.
  5. With Gurley's schedule ROS being a little tough, this was the best offer I got after shopping him around. Would you take it? Thanks
  6. I think I would grab Corey Davis and give him a couple weeks to see if his potential pans out. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681258-who-do-i-drop-mixon-funchess-smith-schuster-whir/
  7. 8 team standard...need to drop someone from the roster with Brady on bye. Original plan was to drop Funchess, but with the Benjamin trade now I'm not so sure. Rest of roster: QB: Brady WR: Hopkins, Tate, Landry, Thielen, Funchess, Smith-Schuster RB: Gurley, A. Jones, Collins, Mixon TE: Gronk, Doyle
  8. 8-team standard league Which side do you guys like better? Thanks
  9. I think Funchess will definitely strengthen your WR corp. I guess it depends on how much you believe Arizona will integrate Peterson into the run game. It's definitely a better situation for him than in NO, however I believe Funchess will emerge as WR1 in CAR, so I'd probably lean Funchess. Help me out?
  10. From the list I'd only look in to Cook and Kittle. I know it's a down year for TE's but I like what we've seen from both TE's as they seem to be trending up in the offenses. I think Cook is a good look if Carr returns
  11. ROS I see Martin as a top 8 back. I do like Shady but as others have said, I don't see the Bills having many other weapons that defenses will need to prepare for. I would probably stand pat if I were you. Thanks for the help on mine
  12. Hey guys, an owner just dropped out of an 8-team standard league, and I was offered the team with no entry fee or anything. Would love to turn this team around. I have waiver 2 position. Any guidance would be great! QB: Deshaun Watson, Alex Smith WR: Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Rishard Matthews, Sterling Shepard RB: LeSean McCoy, Christian McCaffrey, Alvin Kamara, Elijah McGuire, Latavius Murray TE: Zach Ertz, Jimmy Graham Notable names on the wire: Alshon Jeffrey, Jonathan Stewart, Tarik Cohen Free agents include: J. Allen, N. Agholor, P. Garcon, D
  13. Thanks for the help on mine. Given the look of your WW I'd stick with Watson. I'm hoping the Ravens woes from last week can be chalked up to being in London. If you had to pick someone up, I'd probably grab Jenkins
  14. Was planning on starting Tate, but reading more about Landry's matchup especially has me questioning it. Have Thielen too, and seeing as Keenum was able to still involve him in the offense is also a point of contention for me. Any responses are appreciated!
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