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  1. I mean no he's not gonna take passes 90 yards to the house every game but he's been solid since the trade outside of last week. Most important thing is he's involved...with the type of roll Dallas is on right now I think Coopers just getting started.
  2. Traded Chubb and Mack for Zeke before the Philly game last week. Kamaras my RB1. I knew it was only a matter of time before Zeke came around.
  3. Because he’s 3rd priority behind Zeke and the Dallas defense.
  4. One more week for them to show something or it’s back to streaming defenses for most people I’d assume.
  5. He's going to have some nice games moving forward especially when you consider his schedule.
  6. You hit on some solid points. Mainly the offensive line not being what it once was, I have been preaching this for some time now but most people refuse to acknowledge it. They have their solid moments as a run blocking group but as far as pass protection goes they have been downright awful. If the argument is prior accolades then yeah sure dominant is spot on but recently they have looked average to me. The difference between Daks rookie season and the past two seasons is his rookie season he actually had time to throw. He was able to sit back and break down defenses even with a regressing Dez
  7. Tavon was brought in to be nothing more than a returner and gimmick guy. He's comes in for jet sweeps and the occasional bomb downfield. So no he wasn't the answer lol.
  8. The Jax game was one game I was referring to because they were running bootlegs and rolling Dak out, allowing him to use his legs on read options plays, play actions etc. They do this about every other game then they have games where every things up the middle with Zeke and Daks firmly placed in the pocket, which he's not good at he's not a pocket passer. He's like a poor mans Cam Newton. Dak takes home run shots down field about 3-4 times a game, this is where I believe Cooper and the offense will benefit most by bringing him in. Open things up downfield so Dak can take more shots
  9. Since Dak has taken over he and that offense refuse to force feed anyone other than Zeke. There was a select few times where Dak would force the ball to Dez to make him happy and it just didn't work out. Dak isn't that type of QB he has to spread it around and use his legs to be successful. Then again why give a 1st rounder for a guy you wouldn't involve heavily... Its up in the air for me being a Cowboys fan because one week they look like they have figured it out with the play calling and then the next week the play calling is atrocious.
  10. We don't even know if the volume is there yet tho, they are still a run first team and Daks still going to spread the ball around. It'll be interesting to see how this works out.
  11. Yeah I believe it helps his value and production atleast a little bit. It certainly doesn’t hurt it. Hopefully bringing in Cooper opens things up somewhat.
  12. Its a love/hate thing for me. Hate it because the price is high but love it because I’d like to think this could help open up the offense a bit. I think Dallas sees the NFC East is wide open so they needed to make a move now. For fantasy purposes I don’t see this making a crazy difference for him as far as production goes but for football in general I think it will help the team as a whole on the offensive side.
  13. Its not going to make a difference if he's traded to the Cowboys.
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