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  1. Was up 26 in half PPR against Diggs. Enough said. This game hurts
  2. After that weird game, I need Diggs to score 26 points or less in half PPR...which would be his best game of the season if he gets there. I'm still scared AF
  3. meh. as a Jones and Rodgers owner, that touchdown really hurts.
  4. as a henry, jones, Rodgers owner, I guess I'll take that tannehill touchdown.
  5. At least the titans scored so the packers have to keep going here. sheesh what a weird game.
  6. I'm up 3 with my Rodgers, Jones, Henry, and his Crosby tonight...and Diggs tomorrow night. I need a big scoring second half. what a weird game man.
  7. I have Rodgers, Jones, and Henry...not feeling too hot
  8. looks like Williams out isn't doing anything for Jones as they're just putting in Dillon in there.
  9. anyone else worried about the weather?? [...]
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