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  1. There's better player worth better value for me to keep. Only can keep 3, max 3 years.
  2. Definitely a GEM. He is the best defensive player in the team and shoot high % 3s. Thy needed someone like him in the lineup with all those offensive oriented players.
  3. I have seen enough lol. I drafted him with my 8th round pick, hoping to keep him in this keeper league. He has too many holes in this game for fantasy, no assist, no steal, low FT%. This is not what I was expected before the season. I was expecting close to a 3 a game and decent FT with good block rate. Dropped.
  4. Keeper league. Who would you rather have this season and as keeper (3yrs)?
  5. Who would you rather have this year and last pick keeper (3 years) ? White was doing good before the break and Quickley just got his first start.
  6. This guy ******** sucks. No stock at all.
  7. Damn it, I should of accept the trade to move Boucher and Holiday for harden in my keeper league. I was hoping Boucher will be a keeper gold.
  8. He post close to first round value with no 3 last year.
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