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  1. who will start at centre and pf? Can't he play next to Sabonis, since MYLES TURNER is out
  2. is he going to start once Sabonis comes back?
  3. is bruce brown or Joe Harris the better pickup in this situation?
  4. This is the second time this year he gets a foot infection. Someone get this guy some regular pedicures or something.
  5. He didn't even play the whole 4 q. Never thought id see hill and snell get more burn then him. Someone please trade him off this team. thanks.
  6. INJ Caris LeVertINDSG/SF 2.1h source Injured (small mass on left kidney) Pacers reporter posits that Warren is 'months away and is still in a walking boot, while LeVert should return in March Everyone is saying after all star break he should be back. Run don't walk!!
  7. what happen to his offense, literally has no confidence. dude hasn't had one shot all 3rd q.
  8. I really hope he surprises us and can somehow start making 3's take his value to another level
  9. Gobert was in foul trouble the whole game, I have both of them, Gobert went to into 4 quarter with only 18 mins. But I think Zeller didn't play the 4th quarter at all from what I saw.
  10. what happened yesterday 17 mins first half and ends up with 23 min?
  11. My bad I miss read your question, tonight he should be good for 30+ I believe, I thought you meant ROS
  12. prob not, dort and sga didn't play, line up will most likely be sga, Theo, Dort, Bazley and horford.
  13. clearly doesn't care about winning, because green and barton are going to win him a first round exit in the west this year.
  14. man they could've at least played him in garbage time for crying out loud to help him develop
  15. lool I feel like the coach knows he needs mpj to succeed but doesn't care at this point, he's literally stuck at 20 mins no matter who's available that's the only thing that's confusing me, he hasn't play more than 20 mins in 3 games now. while you have a bench warmer like green playing 28 mins by the end of the 3rd although he is putting up better numbers than porter. But I feel like porter needs time to get into his rhythm as a shooter and playing short stints will not benefit anyone.
  16. send bag of potatoes, but realistically no one knows what will happen, like I don't get why he's only getting 20 mins a night doesn't matter how bad he is defensively because they need him improve quickly if they want to make it far in playoffs so the more mins he plays the faster he'll learn.
  17. green starting over MPJ, Malone will start a janitor in the locker room before he ends up starting mpj again
  18. How he's averaging 2.6 TOs in 26 mins, I don't think that's horrible for a rookie pg. But lamelo should definitely be starting over graham dude has no business starting. Lamelo is more efficient than him and a better ball handler so I don't get it. Rozier makes more sense to be along side LaMelo.
  19. most likely a sell high, hunter out and reddish can't hit a shot to save his life. Both have played a factor in giving him better offensive production. However, it also seems like him and trae have been in sync again, but I don't know if it's a situational thing with hunter out. The hawks are playing better now, that collins and trae are back on track even though they lost yesterday. Hopefully he can start getting some stocks or something to offset loss of shots with hunter in the lineup.
  20. based on the last blurb from rotoworld it seems like they want to have rozier off the bench which doesn't make sense, I think it would make sense to have graham off the bench and rozier starter because he an actually hit shots more efficiently this year.
  21. I believe they are, he has more reliable surrounding cast now, so he's able to dish it out to a shooter and mutiple times this game he found an open shooter when the clock was winding down.
  22. man why is it so difficult to get a steal on a regular basis from this guy, especially in today's nba where everything is fast paced and balls flying all over the place.
  23. yup mins are key, looks like the coach trusts him this year.
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