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  1. Gordon has been playing horribly the last month, I own him I'd much rather capela. I think he has more overall value
  2. I have Vuc and I wouldn't trade him for turner. VUC has been killing it and shows no signs of slowing down.
  3. I can't believe I drafted this guy with my 3rd pick in redraft league. Worst mistake. Could've had durant or Harden instead. Live and learn. Never touching him before top 8. I don't how he was projected to be number 1 in the league. Too many ball hogs on this team.
  4. You guys need to wait to see how he actually splits the minutes before complaining, this could be a good thing. brogdon could still average 30+ minutes a game
  5. Isn't capela alone doing better than gobert so far this season? Espn has capela ranked 15 and gobert ranked 17 for the season. Correct me if I'm wrong. Because I was also considering trading for collison for capela hoping the owner would do that since capela is actually hitting his FT.
  6. I watched 4 mins of of 1st quarter and it seemed like none of his teammates were passing him the ball. Fournier and vucevic are playing as if they're the only players on the team. A lot of players on this team play hero ball. While he calls for the ball because a lot of times he's open.
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