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  1. Embiid is having his way with him tonight, prob going to be a bad game and blow out
  2. might be a blessing in disguise put him in Ir and hope he gets traded sometime within the next couple weeks
  3. if Russel is healthy again he may not have to do all the heavy lifting himself. Just depends if RW keeps playing with the same quality as last game.
  4. Also against mil and Indiana both have quality front court guarding the basket.
  5. Yeah their offensive rating has been the highest with Zeller at starting centre, so he's there to stay and should get 30+ mins a game, and if he indeed is in contract season should be in line to play the best ball he can. 2 of the most important things for fantasy: Contract season and wife having a new child.
  6. I mean the only thing is if he gets traded to a team like Miami or hornets, he can still put up good numbers if he's getting 30+ mins a night. Otherwise, if he stays on SAS might as well drop for jrich, at least he'll help you win 3's every week and steals
  7. he's about to drop himself into retirement, they might as well just start Jacob p. so I can pick him up instead.
  8. you prob will if you're not punting ft%, also if Zeller gets 30+ mins a night he'll be more valuable. But that's a big IF, he always seems to fall off. In addition, hornets might trade for a big before the deadline.
  9. What's also frustrating is Malone over plays his starters when he has some good value off the bench, and the fact that mpj doesn't get garbage mins either. If he doesn't start getting consistent mins, he's going to end up being a lower end player on the days he doesn't get blocks or steals. When he has potential of being a top 25 player on 30 mins a night.
  10. It was a joke lool. But barton is really injury prone so is Harris. g. Harris actually went to the locker room during the first q, that's why porter got more mins I think this first half until he picked up 3 fouls.
  11. Just depends how quickly you get the foul trouble, like if you get 2 quick ones in first q, then a 3rd one in 2nd q. I throws off your entire game. So I can see how It may have looked like the coach just didn't give him mins. While he intended to give him the 28+ mins is what I mean.
  12. he's actually been playing well in the last 4/6 games and the last game 4 games he's been starting. The game before last night he was in foul trouble hence the worse line, but I think if he continues to get 30+ mins and starting he may be a must roster player. What do you guys think? Or can we expect boston to ship him off for a better centre in the future. he's also had the 2nd best +/- compared to the rest of the team I believe in the last 3 starts, something I found interesting.
  13. Barton was making a big deal for not starting the beginning of the season, and based on MPJ's recent comments he sounds content being on the bench. So we're kinda screwed especially since Malone isn't playing him 28+ mins off the bench. Maybe barton will continue his trend of being injury prone, just maybe....
  14. the coach continues to be allergic to playing him it seems as well. 9 mins first half again... getting annoying that their 2nd best player isn't getting 30+ mins a game. I don't care how bad his defense is. You develop it with more time on the court, his instincts aren't going to improve if he's not in the situation where he can learn from it.
  15. There could be a chance that with Donte and jrue in the starting lineup their defense has allowed him not to have to block as many shots. So he may get lucky with a few extra blocks some games but I think overall hell be averaging less than 2 blocks a game this season
  16. exactly, he may not even get garbage time if it's a blowout, just because they don't want to risk it with him. Therefore it's probably best for us if he started rather than played off the bench.
  17. dude just got 30 points last game, logic thing is "lets play him 8 mins in the first half"...
  18. I hope he lands somewhere where he can maintain his current value, the only plus is he wouldn't be a shutdown candidate
  19. graham should be coming off the bench second half of the season, there's no reason he should be starting over ball. Especially since graham would make more sense as a scoring presence in the second unit. But who knows coach thinks his team is making the playoffs
  20. I just hope MPJ doesn't end up riding the bench with only 24-26 mins a game, when he should be getting 30+ every night.
  21. either way white is getting 30+ mins that's all that matters, his defensive stats alone make him valuable for a guard and could be top 50 per game by the end of the season if he manages to stay healthy. Also spurs will most likely offload Aldridge and DeRozan before season end so there will be lots of usage available.
  22. yeah honestly this dude just needs to retire, he ain't cut out for the speed of the game anymore. rip. I want to drop him but it's hard to believe someone that was top 30 last year fell off a cliff like this.
  23. I agree dude had 1 shot in 4th q and 2OTs, I don't get how you don't get him more involved in the offense
  24. I think it's a combination of having too many good rotational players around him. Taking less shots, not sure about the percentages, im sure they'll go up, back near career averages. His steals are slowly trending up.
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