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  1. I feel like the only person that looks for him is Jokic. everyone in the 2nd unit I feel have already gelled together the past 3 weeks he's been out. literally didn't get one shot off as a result. edit: I think im just overreacting to the first game back, excited to finally have him back, don't mind me
  2. green and Morris came off the bench before him, I hope this is a situation of being limited first game back and nothing else.
  3. did his coach reallyy bench him the enter 2nd half? must have done something really bad?
  4. The first half he played 7.5 mins I believe and then played another 3 mins at the beginning of 2nd q, then sat again and then played another 3 mins and sat before the 2nd quarter was even done. How's anyone supposed to get going playing splits of 3 mins.
  5. why is Solomon hill out of all people getting mins on this team? Also what's up with these rotations, I feel like JC is better off playing 28 mins off the bench than starting.
  6. id rather Adams and Dort. theis isn't that great. I don't know about cam too many shooters on phnx same with lakers with kc
  7. We're doing 14 players this year instead of the usual 13 with 1 IR spot because of covid. But we have guys like Fournier, Deandre Jordon, RJ Barrett, Alec Burks, derrick white, millsap. Not the best wire due to most teams having 15 guys on their roster because of all the injuries.
  8. Playing against KP tonight, you can expect him to not play many minutes. Kp is going to destroy him.
  9. vanvleet, I don't trust Isaac's health
  10. I don't like harrel's lack of stocks so I'd do it for sure or RJ bad percentages and no stocks.
  11. my issue with lamb is he's coming off a horrific leg injury maybe wait a week and see how he's looking. I think Bledsoe is getting accustomed to a new team, but you're right he hasn't been playing awesome. but if he's getting 30 mins a game he should preform.
  12. just too many mouths to feed dudes going to be a 4-5 rounder all season unless there's injuries or trades unfortunately. Plays to far from the basket to keep blocks up with Clint there.
  13. I mean I'd definitely grab Bledsoe over lamb and leave one streamer if you have so many other guys and keep an eye out for white and pick him up when he's close help with mine ?
  14. would you do the trade? in a vacuum. I don't want to punt ft and Rudy has been causing me to lose ft% But I think it's an easy choice getting a first rounder? Just worried about Kat not staying healthy this year.
  15. His fg% along with his 3pt% is down on fewer attempts if he can at least bring up his fg/3pt% along with his steals back to the norm. Should be at least a 3rd rounder im hoping. I feel him and booker haven't gotten it going in the early season, hopefully just a matter of taking some rust off.
  16. the protocol is you get 7 days if you are exposed to someone with the virus through contact tracing and test negative. Then it's 10 to 14 days if you actually test positive. He tested positive the day before he was set to return 2 weeks ago. But he's been exercising so I don't see why he shouldn't be able to play tomorrow.
  17. I don't know what hurts more, your gf cheating on you or 2 points and a block getting taken off his stat line after the first quarter 😒🥺
  18. nah it's because hunter and reddish aren't playing. Proving they're ball hogs that are bringing down his potential offensive output.
  19. Only issue is if they're playing 5 games a week there may be rest involved and increased risk for injuries. In addition there's a chance beal gets traded since the wizards can't buy a win and doesn't help they lost Bryant.
  20. Based on history and even this year bolo always ends up higher, especially last 2 years
  21. it didn't have to do anything with this being a blowout? but I agree it's very serviceable
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