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  1. it's because Kanter is guarding him, so he's open most of the time at the top of the key, they kept running the same play for a while.
  2. Initially it was young taking too many shots, now it's hunter and heurter. They just put their head down and attack the basket , when he's usually unguarded ready to shoot.
  3. he plays with too many high rebounding guards and plays too far from the basket. He's lucky if he averages 6-7 rebounds this year.
  4. yeah the coach needs to gtfo, dudes game plan is give it to one of the guards and tells them to shoot if they have an inch of room. I wouldn't be mad if they were winning. But the teams playing like **** so you'd assume they figure new things out and get their most efficient scorer more shots. seems like common F****ing sense
  5. 4 blocks am I dreaming? It's hard getting excited since it's against the wolves. But I pray to god he finally starts delivering and the hawks figure a way to start running sets for him. Although (hopefully I don't jinx him) his fouls have been lower the last week from what I noticed... *knocks on wood
  6. well said, I ageee with you JC should be getting his shots. No reason why hunter reddish and heurter are getting more shots than him. But yeah he does have some good defensive plays, I just want his blocks to become more consistent. Like when we drafted him we were hoping for a 19/8/1.5 blocks type of dude with good efficiency. It's annoying that young ignores him on offense. I think he needs a new coach who can actually make a game plan, as you said.
  7. The lobs he used to get, capela gets now. Thing is he doesn't have offensive moves. I feel like he gets clustered every time he puts the ball on the floor. Just saw a play where he travelled trying to post up on Melo. He's definitely not worth a max. Without lobs from trae he's an average player, nothing special since he doesn't play defense. Just sucks I thought he'd still have top 20 value this year.
  8. I wonder if his offseason shoulder surgery is affecting his shots. How do you go from a 1a/1b option to relegated 5th option. it benefits both the spurs and him in a contract year to play the best ball of his life. Unless he's trying to retire or send a vet contract next year.
  9. yeah unless he's traded to a team that uses him to his strengths. But will see like I said you may have won the trade if the current trends continue
  10. Im sorry to say you traded two top 30 players last year for players who have never finished top 30, I wouldn't be to happy about that tbh. Unless you believe that booker is washed up too. Like it might work out for you but im just saying based on history it's less likely. but its not that he's washed up it's that they don't use him like they were before, so he's not getting his shots and is playing further form the basket. It's affecting his stats blocks/fg
  11. he was out for a week then found to have covid a week ago. I think they have to do some physical tests/practice before they're cleared to come back from covid. But I agree it's been 2 weeks going on 3 weeks annoying as hell. I was hoping he'd be back by tomorrow or next game.
  12. Michael Malone said he hopes to have Michael Porter Jr. (COVID-protocols) back by next Friday when the Nuggets begin a five-game road trip, per Chris Dempsey of Altitude Sports. Should be back by Friday if not earlier. He's been looking fine in his snapchat videos.
  13. unfortunately got 2 quick fouls in the 4 mins, but had a lot of potential if he starts over Bledsoe.
  14. yeah literally lost fg% category last week because of him
  15. I mean he could be back jan 17 which is in 4 days, so I don't think anyone is worth the add now. unless you need someone for 1 or 2 games.
  16. haha it just felt every time I looked at his stat line he had 7 shots. but didn't double check the stats. but that's good to know thanks!
  17. yeah exactly, it's either because he got paid and doesn't care or other guys aren't feeding him the ball well. His shot attempts are down as well. no reason a dude that got a max contract should only be shooting 7 shots a game. Very confusing indeed.
  18. this dude has forgot how to dunk the last few games. shooting worse than my guards.
  19. yeah I got him at 39, with first round potential you have to take him at that point. But it sucked drafting him knowing how stacked Atlanta was. I thought he'd at least be pulling 2nd round value. But the ball hogs on this team ain't no joke. Im hoping the coach starts to produce more sets for him and get something going with trey. I saw static's on Rotoworld, apparently he's playing 7% more time at centre this year due to staggering between him and cappela yet his blocks have diminished. Hopefully he can pick that part of his game up, he'll easily jump a round or 2
  20. nah keep cj, collins situation isn't good at all. He either finds himself in foul trouble. Or his team are a bunch of ball hogs and he barely gets stocks now since he's been playing away from the basket due to capela. save yourself the headache
  21. his fg% and 3p% are down this year along with his steals. Do you guys feel like this is just him adjusting to a new system and team. He's been very passive on offence. I just didn't see this big of a drop off from last year, especially his play in the bubble. hopefully he at least picks up the 3's and steals it'll help average everything out.
  22. dudes had 2 shots the whole second half, this is ridiculous. very little stocks. everyone just looks for their own shots. couple times he's open down low and no one cares. or there's a mismatch. This is clearly a coaches job to get him more active on the offence since he's a defensive liability or else why the hell is he ever playing on this team.
  23. they're, twice a day from my understanding, he must've tested positive this morning. There's also cases where there may be false negatives. The swab may have not have been deep enough, etc...
  24. also Embiid literally sat beside Seth Curry who tested positive yet was cleared? confusing stuff??
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