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  1. Im not sure about Jrich is this confirmed? but I think the guys that get 7 days went to a hotspot like clubbing or some forbidden place. but 10-14 day guys actually tested positive and depending on symptoms will return within those 10-14 days. I think j-rich's status hasn't been updated or they held him out to do investigating to be safe potentially
  2. why do some guys get 7 day quarantine while others 10-14. does the 10-14 indicate they're actually tested positive?
  3. Michael Porter Jr. is out vs. Mavs. A league source said this is not an extension of his prior close-contact protocol which began last Thursday and ended Wednesday night.' apparently it's not an extension so I would expect him back Saturday.
  4. I agree Nurk's fantasy upside is higher. Will get more stocks than Siakam.
  5. this is what I was thinking too. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't crazy. I think shai can pick it up with his steals and percentages as he gets more comfortable. and MPJ is a walking bucket with good efficiency. KD lite.
  6. id keep Nurkic in hopes he turns it around and maybe look at getting a better return in the future.
  7. tough to say without your team, but id prob go with rozier and Horford this year. help with mine, please.
  8. nah keep your guys help with mine please!
  9. He didn't play all of the 4th, from what I saw. so he played 25 mins in 3 quarters. He was very active. I believe the minute limit is just for conditioning purposes not a season long thing. Making sure his knee is 100%
  10. I mean I don't see why he wouldn't get it. But how are we supposed to know? isn't there some kind of petition for yahoo you can fill out
  11. Horford is probably a shut down candidate near the end of the season to play their young core. so id take Hield and hopefully find someone on the waiver help with mine please
  12. Kawhi and wiseman for sure. help with mine please
  13. noway keep Kat. help with mine please
  14. This is an 8 team (14 players per team) 9 cat h2h. In a vacuum who would you take this year? shai doesn't look that great this year, too much pressure on him. And with MPJ the coach is annoyed by him. On the other hand, butler is always injured and covington is surrounded by a bunch of ball hogs.
  15. maybe they're waiting to see how he feels after warmups?
  16. I literally saw this happening last game, he grabbed the ball to throw it in after the other team had scored and he tripped over the other teams player and fell. In my mind im like I hope he didn't mess up his toe. But, this was during the 3rd quarter and he kept playing. so I don't know. 😅
  17. It's not looking good at all. he's not getting steals at all. and that fg% is horrible. I don't see how it's going to improve with defences doubling him. But I hope the coaches figure something asap
  18. he needs to stop settling for jumper and drive in and draw a foul. it'll help bump his value up substantially. increasing fg% and helping solidify ft% each week. He's strong enough, so im surprised he isn't more aggressive down low.
  19. TheScore app says he has 4 fouls. also I realized these guys play him 5 mins at the beginning of each half and then he subs in for Clint after to be their centre when Clint is resting.
  20. the lobs he usually gets, Clint is getting. He literally has no offensive moves the moment he tried going to the basket he got the ball stolen. hunter and reddish looking like the more aggressive and hungry players out there. The only thing that would help is if Clint gets injured and they have to depend on collins but then he's an idiot and can't stop fouling.
  21. Man this dude keeps shooting himself in the foot with this foul trouble. Also He's barely getting any usage, everyone on ATL is trigger happy. When cappela and Gallo are fully healthy it ain't going to get better from the looks of it.
  22. loool, I copied it from the link was too lazy to take off the highlights 😂
  23. Murphy] Nick Nurse says he expects to see more Alex Len tomorrow, maybe at the expense of Chris Boucher (or shifting him to PF), given Philly's size. https://www.reddit.com/r/torontoraptors/comments/klwq1x/murphy_nick_nurse_says_he_expects_to_see_more/ I wouldn't risk spending too much on him. be a lot of matchup moves due to Len and Baynes being there.
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