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  1. dude doesn't even look motivated at all. gsw might as well just trade him and Klay and get some picks and start rebuild. Only reason I drafted him was because by going into luxury tax I believed they were going to do everything in their power to push for playoffs and they needed to give curry all the minutes he could handle. But, it's not looking good tbh. might try to offload him.
  2. The one year I give him a chance, he starts getting benched in the 4th. Just my luck.
  3. He didn't have reduced minutes, he was in foul trouble, picked 4 quick fouls. Then in the last quarter it was a blowout. He's going to have a big year no matter how stacked they got. He's playing for a max contract, baring any injury I think he's going to be one of the steals of the draft if you got him in the 30+ range.
  4. taj gibson is a FA, not on the Knicks anymore also Jokic is pleading a case for porter to get more touches and playing time based on the last blurb: Nikola Jokic said that the Nuggets need to do a better job of getting the rock to Michael Porter Jr. "It's hard because we're all trying to figure it out," said Jokic when asked about incorporating MPJ into the offense more after a slow start to the season. "Now Mike is playing more with us... It's just one guy but still, he's a really talented guy. We need to use him more and we need to kind of figure it out how we're going t
  5. Im happy they ended up losing. How do you bench arguably top 3 player on the team when you need the offense. That's beyond me.
  6. foul trouble and playing embiid both factors
  7. why does this dude never play the 4th quarter?
  8. This dude really only going to play 22 mins ?! WTHHH is wrong with this coach. I hope they lose.
  9. To add to this, I feel like poole and some other guys were being ball hogs and padding their stats instead of finding him open a couple of times. Should be good ROS
  10. why wouldn't you? he's adjusting to a bigger role. And is very fantasy friendly. If it wasn't for foul trouble he prob would've played around 30mins. Unless warriors make a trade. Seems like he should stick in the starting line up and average 28-30 mins a game
  11. He was cooking and handled the rock a whole bunch with Bradley Beal (leg) out and Isaiah Thomas ejected early. McRae was getting a lot of PNR action with Ian Mahinmi and he's shown he can fill it up when he's given an opportunity. After the game, coach Scott Brooks called McRae "the focal point" of the offense, and he should still have a big role regardless of Bradley Beal's status. Plus, McRae has per-36 stats of 24.5 points, 5.6 dimes, 0.8 steals and 3.0 treys in his minutes without Beal, so McRae should be owned in standard leagues after this monster performance. He's also playing a g
  12. You can do physical exams to test ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL tears
  13. Fox's drives cause defenses to collapse which leaves Holmes open for a ally op or rebound and a put back that's what having fox will help with
  14. He would've played more than 24 minutes but the game was a blow out
  15. josh Richardson admitted that he's been dealing with pain in his right (shooting) wrist after taking a hard fall during Philly's game in Boston on Dec. 12.
  16. I thought maybe the reason he's been differing shots was because of his back issue, maybe he was trying to take a load off himself to give himself time to heal and not re-aggravate his injury
  17. If only he could shoot 3's, he'd be a top 50 player no problem and would also be able to stay on the court more often. But he plays with amazing energy and his defense created many stops throughout the game. So they need him out there as much as possible. I also noticed he actively tries to rebound and get steals whenever possible. So that will only help his value.
  18. I saw him get two steals in the 1st quarter but then they took one away from him. should have 3 steals right now
  19. I've come to realize this dude talks a big game, but is only motivated against a set of players. Otherwise he doesn't seem as hungry as he made it seem during the preseason by saying he wanted to win MVP and DPOY. None of that has been showing in his game. Hasn't even cracked the top 20 in rankings this year, that's very disappointing with someone of his skillset and size. Clearly a combination of bad coaching and a lack of motivation on his part. I also feel it could be that he wants to just preserve his body for the playoffs so he's playing at 75%, combined with lower minutes. His stats a
  20. He has 20-10 before overtime, this dudes a beast. Could win leagues if you picked him off the wire for free (shallow league) and his playing time continues to increase along with his production. Although it may bring his value down if he gets traded.
  21. He’s trying to create a pattern. 27->11>6>5>0>drop
  22. if he plays with the energy he played the first game he about to exceed expectations
  23. The moment he played 30 minutes by the end of the 3rd last night. It was obvious Walton really depends on him and I don't see that changing for the rest of the season. Bagley or not. 28-30 mins rest of season is almost guaranteed.
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