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  1. There I would probably go Gary Harris
  2. I would def take Gary Harris+Jerami Grant. PJ Tucker has struggled to put up enough value in HOU for years. I just think depth and the DEN guys' upside will win long term Help me pls:
  3. I would probably prefer Kemba because of Kawhi's missed games. It's tough to get rid of Kawhi (who's a per game monster) but they WILL rest him constantly and they WILL rest him in the fantasy playoffs if they already have comfortable playoff seeding Help me pls:
  4. I would take Hield and Simmons for sure! I think Luka has the highest value than he will all season so now's the time to cash in. I would take Simmons (fellow 2nd rounder) and Hield (3rd rounder) and RUN WITH IT!! If you could help with mine:
  5. This is a tough one... I've been burned by Prince before so I would go with Bertrans. I think Prince has more upside, but I also think he'll fade quickly on that Nets team. I'm kinda rooting for Bertans and I think the best 3P% player in the NBA will be better than most options in WAS other than Beal. Help me out if you can:
  6. I think TJ Warren will be the best per game producer, but injuries will likely make it Winslow>Warren>Prince>Thybulle in total stats. It depends on what you value most I guess I would appreciate it if you looked at mine:
  7. I would get Khris. Although DLo has a greater upside, I think it's more likely Khris produces 25-50 value (as he has the past 3 years) than DLo producing efficiently in GSW (I'm very serious about %'s and TOV hahaha) I would appreciate it if you responded to my post:
  8. No man. I wouldn't really trade Bledsoe right now, he has the lowest value he will all season. He's pretty consistent and I would argue the Bucks need him more than ever now that Brogdon is on the Pacers. Trust Bledsoe, he'll fill the boxcore eventually, he just tends to fall into short slumps. If you have any thoughts:
  9. Hey guys, I'm need some advice for a large-ish trade. I Give: - LaMarcus Aldridge or De'Arron Fox - Dejounte Murray - Brandon Ingram I Get: - Kyrie Irving - Mitchell Robinson Which side do you guys think wins? I kinda prefer to trade Fox than Aldridge bc I don't really trust Luke Walton and LMA is super consistent. However, I really haven't followed Mitchell Robinson or Knicks news so I don't really know what to expect. Any advice or thoughts are welcome. I'll help you guys out, just leave the link of your post.
  10. Anyone starting him today vs. brewers? The game is at Milwaukee and Yelich has been HOT recently. Wondering what people who know more than me think lol
  11. What are we thinking of Hicks ROS? He’s still struggling and I don’t know what to expect when the Yanks are healthy?
  12. Why did Paxton get the win if he pitched 7 innings and they got the lead in the 8th? Can someone explain?
  13. Who are the closers most likely to be traded at the deadline? And who are their replacements? So far, I can think of Greene - Jimenez Herrera - idk Hand - Yates? any others? Desperate for saves here
  14. Who would you prefer ROS? Dwight concerns me as a shut down candidate since Charlotte isn't doing so well. DeAndre being traded worries me too. League is 9-cat H2H
  15. What does everyone expect ROS? I'm getting pretty angsty with the low usage
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