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  1. got this guy at pick 49. he slipped in our draft. he’s my rb4 but now i’m suffering at wr a little because of it. i think he’s gonna overtake mack. mack’s not a special talent.
  2. Since I made this post 25 targets with a line of 17/181/3
  3. I rather have him than any of the broncos RBs and any of the eagles. Prob take Freeman over him
  4. i have him and honestly i will never feel good starting him. coleman even went down and he still was in a 3 way timeshare. might drop him if i can't trade him
  5. sure hope people listened. The bears were not in a run heavy game script and actually had to pass and look what happens. with that schedule he should be in alot more neutral game scripts.
  6. If he gets Goalline work he'll be fine but every game Ito has played he's been the goalline back. RBS are a disaster this year not like theres really better options. You have the big 4, chubb and cook as safe options. After that you have high usage RBs like Fournette and Kerryon (has 21 and 28 touches since Anderson got cut). After that every RB is flawed, he's still the lead back in one of the most talented offenses in the NFL although they have not performed like one of the top offenses. I guess i'll hold because there really arent better options outside of the 8 guys I just listed.
  7. This guy is a huge buy for me and heres why: Allen Robinson the last 2 weeks has gone into the half with over 50 yards, also in last 2 weeks he caught 3 catches combined in the second halfs of his week 3/4 game. Reason being the Bears have been up big in second halfs and have attempted a combined 13 passes the last 2 second halfs of their games. He has been game scripted out of 2 monster games. The last 2 weeks they played awful offenses Vikings and Redskins. If you look at their schedule there are not many games he gets game scripted out because they will be playing much better offenses. Here is his schedule ROS. https://imgur.com/a/hXWuMJI
  8. Ito has been operating as the goal line back. i think im gonna try to sell.
  9. I don't get the full panic with Kerryon the guy got 18 touches lol ya Anderson got some too but if Kerryon is getting 18 touches a game I will take that that would put him in the top 10 of last year in touches per game. I was concerned with how ineffective he looked tho. The YPC was bad
  10. i really didn’t want this guy this year at his adp (“low to mid 20s) but he fell to me at 35 so i grabbed him. but now they just signed a pass catching back in McKissick. i really want to sell him tbh
  11. he fell to me in round 4 last night in a 10 man draft. ended up taking him as my RB2 behind freeman. I think getting him at pick 35 he was a steal no?
  12. im 3-0 so IDC. this is a weekly game. what hes done is irrelevant to me. its week to week basis.
  13. he had two good games then his YPC dipped big time. he does this every year. Charles is the best RB on this team and not to mention he has zero shot at overtaking charles passing down role
  14. Much rather have Montgomery than any of those guys I listed. The jags are gonna be down in a lot of games and game script wont bode well for fournette and they have no WRs and he will face stacked boxes. Rams offense looking better but is been against some below average defenses. Montgomery has nobody challenging him for work. Lets see what happens Tuesday his upside is top 3
  15. I wanna sell this guy, but the way RBs are this year I just cant. A lot of the "good ones" are on trash offenses (Mccoy, Fournette, Hyde, Gurley) and I rather have someone like TY on the packers offense playing a lot of snaps and catches tons of passes and will get lots of receiving work. His YPC hasn't been good at all, but the upside is undeniable and its not like theres a better RB on the packers roster people can hype Williams all they want but he had 12 carries in the preseason for 33 yards and will never challenge pass catching situations to Montgomery.
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