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  1. He played his entire career with this heart problem, I think his condition must be seriously in danger if he made this decision finally. I wish him the best, time to focus on health and family.
  2. Let's see: 1. T Young will be the ast. leader. and Atlanta easily make the playoff with 42-40. 2. Doncic will produce 21 triple d. 3.D Booker will produce 29.2 pts and win scoring cat. in the league. 4.Orlando and Miami will win the home court positions at East. ( so 1-4. ) 5. Chi will make the playoff, White as ROY, Lauri as MIP. 6. Cp3 will win MVP title after lead Okc to the top 4 at West. 7. Super Mario will make a 5x5 game. 8. T. Bryant will finish higher on ranks than hyped centers like Ayton-Mich Rob and J Collins. 9. Bruno Caboclo as WW pic
  3. I got him at #78 so hopefully he will be able to make a nice comeback season. Out until dec, top 150 at jan, Top 80 at feb and top 30 at march line would make me happy. Go little turtle Go ! 💲
  4. I m a big fan of him in real life. but not easy to pick him. I would pick Sabonis earlier than him.
  5. Just some idea after the first look on your numbers. FG and FT% must be higher like 48,5% and 80% to be a stable cat. Pts is overkill. 600-650 range is more realistic. BLK and STL needs some improving but its close to the okay. AST 3s and REBS are right. TO is punt.
  6. I bought the ticket to the vintage Love train. 26-12-3 easily.. He can play with out a "ball hogger" so much better situation than before.
  7. F... I'm thinking about a drop, just for my good mood and I m in a keeper league.
  8. I dunno who the f. is this but he is more busy to touch boobies than balls so probably a hetero.
  9. Nobody wants to play with him! LOL.
  10. First I tho he passed away or something. Thanks God, just retired. I wish a good career for him on other part of the life!
  11. I stashed him in my keeper and dynasty leagues and I sleep well at every night!
  12. Just copy and paste your comments from Bledsoe topic. Easier. LOL
  13. David Nwaba for deep leagues. Chi will play back to back. He is good for oop rebs and blks!
  14. +1 I added him at yesterday. He was on the ww in my 20 teamer! I was very surprised. Perfect guy for the end of your bench in a 14+ league.
  15. I agree, he is Thon's grandpa so talent must be there! With out joke, Freak will play more C minutes than Thon. #KIDD
  16. http://forums.rotoworld.com/forum/25-basketball-league-finder-service/
  17. 1. Denver will be in the top 3 at the West. 2. SA will not make the playoff 3. Embiid will play more than 65 games and win MVP title, Philly will be the 4. in East. 4. Frank Ntilikina will be the ROY. 5. Jordan Bell will produce the "block of the year". 6. SVG will loose his seat as a GM/Coach.
  18. True, but make up some crying trace around the forum and it's enough for my taste.
  19. Just pick Holmes as an insurance and you will be okay.
  20. Just let him balling! Nobody cares about FG% at the rookies year. He could be smarter with some easy layups and more assists ( In this case we are speaking about a great debut, like 10 pts 8 ast, 2 stl ) Chill!!!!
  21. Sad, but true. You know question is free, but this was an insult. Karma is a bi&. so....
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