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  1. his lack of stocks and 3s make his game not so appealing, then you factor in the fact that he might struggle post-covid and Popovich has inconsistent rotations .. i'd be inclined to hold due to SA schedule, but I don't see him very fantasy friendly
  2. 30 minutes in his first game. salty gms who missed the opportunity, let us enjoy this
  3. if its a blowout and he drops like 20 pts, this is gonna be so much fun
  4. if he can stay on the court for 24-26 minutes he can definitely put up decent numbers, good enough to be rostered in deep leagues. if you are expecting him to log heavy minutes and be a top75 player, then by all means, get off the boat, while the rest of us that lowered our expectations can enjoy the ride. he can easily double-double with a couples of blocks/3s. thats good enough for me seeing how raw he is.
  5. this guy is my MVP, so f***in consistent
  6. he can stretch the floor and hit some 3s, so he doesn't necessarily clog the paint, but the Rockets like to go small and have the tools to do so, so I really don't see the twin towers lineup tbh.
  7. at this point of the season, its hard to come up with a waiver wire steal, so it makes sense to take a swing on a high upside player. on the competitive leagues I play, people already made the speculative add. it makes sense, even more now with nwaba out for a while.
  8. everytime i hop back on the IQ train, mainly for streaming, im always crossing my fingers he has one of his hot nights, ultimately those saucy lines have only come when he's on the WW, so i end up getting burned. its so unpredictable
  9. I actually did the same. You can find more reliable streamers on the waiver wire with all the DNPs we have this season
  10. He's too inconsistent this season, minutes and %s.
  11. i think he might even share the court with Cole. MCW can defend and he was intensely engaged on his debut. that would be great for his value and for Orlando, as I see MCW as a much better floor general and Cole is ultimately more of a shooting guard. Orlando seems like the ideal scenario for a stat stuffer like him, even if he's playing as a backup for 25 minutes
  12. it's not the first time he goes in a bad shooting stretch, what is concerning is Thibs is benching him. i wouldn't drop in +14 T leagues. 4 week coming ahead hoping he gets back in the zone.
  13. what does this mean for Thaddeus?? I'm hoping he can still carve a role as a PF, or backup C, i dont want that ride to end.
  14. With OG back he has to regress a bit, but I hope not to his beginning of the year numbers'. hopefully this run gave him and also Nurse confidence that he needs touches and minutes. He's been lowkey beasting, and this type of production could be sustainable as 6th man off the bench scorer.
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