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  1. Full PPR league no flex plays. Start two backs. #1 back is McCaffrey. Who is my 2nd back this week? Ekeler (hamstring not 100%) @ Was or J Robinson @ Houston? WHIR
  2. 8 team full PPR league. I draft #4. Would you consider CEH at this position or go with an established back? WHIR
  3. Full PPR 8 team league. Would you rather have Freeman or Ekeler ROS? WHIR
  4. Full PPR league. I've been offered either James Conner or David Johnson for Chris Carson. Should I take the trade? If so, would you take Conner or Johnson?
  5. 8 team full ppr league. My backs are Kamara, Elliott and Carson. Who would you start as your 2nd rb, Elliott or Carson? Normally would be a no-brainer with Elliott but not sure how much work he'll get. WHIR.
  6. Full PPR. Start two of these back. WHIR Gordon @ KC Hunt vs LAC J Williams @ Car
  7. Small 8 team full ppr league. Hogan owner dropped him after his injury and he's available. Should i pick him up or stay put? If i pick him up i have to drop one of my other receivers. WHIR Current receivers: Baldwin, Jeffrey, Gordon, D Adams
  8. Who do I start at qb this week? Smith vs Oak or Wison @ Jax? WHIR
  9. Full PPR league. Start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 k and 1 dst. No flex plays. Roster is below. Pick my week 14 starters. WHIR QB - Wilson @ Jax Smith vs Oak WR Baldwin @ Jax Adams @ Cle Gordon vs GB Jeffery @ LAR RB Hunt vs Oak Gordon vs Was Perine @ LAC TE Doyle @ Buf K Tucker @ Pit DST JAX vs Sea
  10. Full ppr league. Need help with starters this week. Who would you start at QB and WR? Roster below. WHIR QB (pick 1) Wilson @ Jax Smith vs. Oak WR (pick 3) Baldwin @ Jax Adams @ Cle Gordon vs GB Jeffery @ LAR
  11. Which receiver would you want ROS, Josh Gordon or Alshon Jeffrey? Full ppr league.
  12. Full ppr league. Roster 3 backs and play 2 (no flex plays, weird league). Current backs are Gordon, Hunt and Perine. Davis looked good last night and Hunt has doesn't much the last five or six weeks. Should I drop Hunt and grab Davis? WHIR
  13. Full ppr league. Need to start either Hunt or Perine. Who would you start this week? WHIR Hunt @ NYJ Perine @ Dal
  14. Full PPR league. Rank these receivers ROS. WHIR. D. Adams Sanders Hogan M. Jones
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