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  1. 8 team full PPR league. I draft #4. Would you consider CEH at this position or go with an established back? WHIR
  2. Full PPR 8 team league. Would you rather have Freeman or Ekeler ROS? WHIR
  3. Full PPR league. I've been offered either James Conner or David Johnson for Chris Carson. Should I take the trade? If so, would you take Conner or Johnson?
  4. 8 team full ppr league. My backs are Kamara, Elliott and Carson. Who would you start as your 2nd rb, Elliott or Carson? Normally would be a no-brainer with Elliott but not sure how much work he'll get. WHIR.
  5. Full PPR. Start two of these back. WHIR Gordon @ KC Hunt vs LAC J Williams @ Car
  6. Small 8 team full ppr league. Hogan owner dropped him after his injury and he's available. Should i pick him up or stay put? If i pick him up i have to drop one of my other receivers. WHIR Current receivers: Baldwin, Jeffrey, Gordon, D Adams
  7. Who do I start at qb this week? Smith vs Oak or Wison @ Jax? WHIR
  8. Full PPR league. Start 1 qb, 2 rb, 3 wr, 1 te, 1 k and 1 dst. No flex plays. Roster is below. Pick my week 14 starters. WHIR QB - Wilson @ Jax Smith vs Oak WR Baldwin @ Jax Adams @ Cle Gordon vs GB Jeffery @ LAR RB Hunt vs Oak Gordon vs Was Perine @ LAC TE Doyle @ Buf K Tucker @ Pit DST JAX vs Sea
  9. Full ppr league. Need help with starters this week. Who would you start at QB and WR? Roster below. WHIR QB (pick 1) Wilson @ Jax Smith vs. Oak WR (pick 3) Baldwin @ Jax Adams @ Cle Gordon vs GB Jeffery @ LAR
  10. Which receiver would you want ROS, Josh Gordon or Alshon Jeffrey? Full ppr league.
  11. Full ppr league. Roster 3 backs and play 2 (no flex plays, weird league). Current backs are Gordon, Hunt and Perine. Davis looked good last night and Hunt has doesn't much the last five or six weeks. Should I drop Hunt and grab Davis? WHIR
  12. Full ppr league. Need to start either Hunt or Perine. Who would you start this week? WHIR Hunt @ NYJ Perine @ Dal
  13. Full PPR league. Rank these receivers ROS. WHIR. D. Adams Sanders Hogan M. Jones
  14. Full ppr league. Current wr's are Baldwin, Diggs, Hogan and Sheppard. Sheppard probably won't play and Hogan is looking to be the same. Need a receiver for this weekend. Rank the below receivers as to who you would start this week. WHIR! Crowder vs NYG Sanders @ Oak Anderson vs Car D. Adams @ Pit
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