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  1. He gets • Josh Allen
 QB BUF (rank: 1-1-QB2) • 2021 1st round pick 1.7 #7 • 2021 2nd round pick 2.7 #19 I get • Kyler Murray
QB ARI (rank: 4-4-QB3) • 2021 1st round pick 1.2 #2 WHIR as always ....
  2. Tua is a bust so far, but I still have hope for him. He's not showing any touch on his throws, it's just fast balls into coverage or uncatchable inaccurate passes. However, as all know he's coming off some serious injury issues and perhaps needed more time to get comfortable post injury. I think Miami should have let him sit last year and strengthen the team around him this offseason so he can better exploit his talents. He looked too nervous last year throwing early into coverage, not setting his feet and just seemed like he was trying to avoid contact. Some post injury doubts are to be expec
  3. Reasonable but on the positive side for expectations from me. I think he may surprise some people. 80 total yards and 1 rushing TD and 1 short rec TD at the goal line. Booking it for Booker! He can play.
  4. He's getting a bigger role based on the moves they have made and reports from the coaches. They want to see what they have so I suspect his targets will double (5-6?). What that means is a complete unknown. Week 1 he had 10 targets but only 43 yards. Since then just a few single digit games. Has not scored a TD this year. Not sure how this helps anyone with the FF playoffs a game away. Perhaps really deep leagues and dynasty he's worth monitoring.
  5. Like others above have stated I've had to move on. I dropped him to fill a more pressing need in a 12 team std league. That said, he's off the radar of most players and the media is down on him so it's likely u could get him back at some point in the playoffs if desired. But, the offense is a mess and not sure he is worth a gamble at this point. In deeper leagues, he could be a good Hail Mary play with some good FF playoff matchups upcoming. Bottom line, safe to drop with the upside u can get him back with most ignoring him.
  6. Baltimore is like the plague ships sailing to Europe in the 1300s ... except this time we know they are infected. "The Ravens have 20 players on its reserve/covid-19 list, including reigning NFL MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson and several other starters." Hey NFL ... let's try and keep Pitt from being infected and losing out on a great season! Cancel/move the game! What do I need Wed? My Pitt players not getting infected and missing the FF playoffs!
  7. Just wondering what their offensive plan was? I didn't know coaches were fans of the zero RB option.
  8. If Lindsay is the Wildcat QB -- which we don't know for sure -- Gordon will be the rusher, jet sweep and the dump off guy for passes. So, both players may benefit. Both RBs working together could be very effective ala Ronnie Brown back in the day IF Denver had time to practice this scenario. As it stands now .. wow ... what a FUBAR situation!
  9. No QBs for Denver might be a slight improvement. 😆 RBs Gordon and Lindsay running Wildcat offense and who knows what else. Sandlot football means could be fun to watch and more FF points for both RBs! Other than that, this C-19 situation sucks!
  10. From the interwebs DraftKings: ------------ Carolina Panthers wideout Curtis Samuel went cold in Week 10 but returned with a vengeance in his team’s 20-0 victory over the Detroit Lions in Week 11. Samuel flourished despite Teddy Bridgewater not playing because of a leg injury and showcased strong chemistry with former XFL star Phillip Walker, who made his first career NFL start on Sunday. Samuel could be a desirable Week 12 waiver wire target regardless of who’s under center in his next game. Samuel was targeted 10 times against the Lions and hauled in eight passes for 70 yards
  11. Agree. In 12+ team leagues worth a hold. WR AJ is back but a big fat zero.
  12. ^^^^ --- that's horrible news. Feel bad for the guy. Just wish Miami had drafted him with the better OL, running game and D. I hope he comes back and can play again, but this is almost a Joe Theismann career over type injury.
  13. AB was a free WW plug-and play WR3/flex with upside. He still is. HOA issue has been settled, we'll see what happens ROS with his play. I expect more each week, just a nice stash on your bench for the playoff run. Brady is definitely targeting him and he looks good. Many mouths to feed in the Tampa offensive though.
  14. With AP gone, late 2 to 3 for sure if he's the clear RB#1.
  15. Miami D is red hot. The offense has confidence now and the D has always had talent. Last four games Miami D/STs FF points 19, 18, 26, 13.
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