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  1. Gallen really is the new DeGrom in terms of hard luck, getting close in terms of studness.
  2. Rich Hill went 3 1/3, exiting with the Twins ahead 4-2. Tyler Duffey relieved him, went 1 2/3 with the score still 4-2. But then Clippard gave up 2 runs in the 6th, blowing the save. Was looking at this and thinking, why isnt Duffey getting a hold and realized because even though he held the lead, he was in line for the win so it wasn't a save situation. Rules like that are weird.
  3. didn't wait long to hit his first one. should have 1b eligibility soon in addition to 3b as an added bonus
  4. I was thinking this as well. He's been on my watch list since the season started because of his value as a reliever in a SP slot. He hasnt been getting lots of K's this year but in previous years, he had over a strikeout per inning. Last year, he was a sleeper SP coming into the season but got rocked his first start. He settled down but after July, he was a reliever. One big problem with him as closer is that he has not relieved much on successive days and i don't think he had good success the few times he tried.
  5. Is Pressly back? It really looked like there was something wrong a few days ago
  6. 100% this I was one of those that benched him last week vs the Dodgers in my roto league. Now I'm thinking of doing it again vs the Astros. I'm a glutton for punishment. No matter what I do I'm sure i'll regret it lol. ha. well, I'm playing him and yesterday, I sat Nola against the Yankees.
  7. I feel like he hasnt pitched in two weeks and neither have half my other starters, but I'm thinking I agree with you, this is the wrong game for him.
  8. he had a weird contract. lowered to $6m but i think $11m if he came back. I'm not sure if there was a bonus or he just gets $11m prorated for 9 games. well, good riddance.
  9. a walk and 3 hits including a double and a HR in the first inning following by 5 excellent innings with 1 hit and 1 walk. I didnt watch it, only looking at the box score. what now?
  10. What are Nola's splits for the first 5 innings and then after the 7th? it felt like last year too, he would pitch 5-6 good innings and then lose it.
  11. that sounds reasonable and it's the same range of the guys I would forego if i keep him - Hiura, Olson, Robles, Nola
  12. Where will go now ADP wise in a keeper league? 7th round or higher?
  13. Tyler Duffey came into the game and struck out the side in the fifth inning with the twins ahead 8-6. doesnt that qualify for a hold - yahoo? There's no requirement for pitching in a late inning, is there?
  14. I'm contemplating dropping him in a keeper league if they don't put him on the IL already I think he'll be a great player but he's so damn fragile.
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