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  1. My finals MVP. Anyone who follows Lakers, what happened really after the hot start / why is he now then back to beasting?
  2. Bit of a struggle 'til the end. First time winning a championship based on higher regular season seed after a tie score. Team was decimated closer and closer it got to the end. Love, Markkanen, Mirotic, Brogdon, Gordon (a game here and there), Middleton out of the blue the last day, added T. Prince for final week, but a sudden foot injury so no games from him etc. Had dominated 3PT for pretty much the entire season, but had to switch strategies midway through the final week. Final day add of Zubac got me 1 blk needed to remain at least even in that category (3 in total for me for the night, op
  3. McGee has been entrusted with the championship keys. Dude has read his Ben Parker.
  4. As tough as it still is/was, appears to have dodged a bullet somewhat. Ligament (edit. well they didn't really mention ligaments to be exact, so we'll still see about that) or god forbid nerve damage and a much more uncertain road ahead. Bone healing should be a much more straightforward affair, and dude might be ready to go some time next season. PG13 for comparison snapped his leg beginning of August and was back for the last 6 games beginning of April next year. 8 months. Everyone's a unique case, but with this kind of timetable, we would be looking at a return around New Year. When he will
  5. Kev putting in work. Preview from a Cavs animation series:
  6. Dude was having a great season (and a heck of a game). Solid inside force for Portland. All the best for the comeback. Ankle injuries... such tough ones unfortunately. Another season screwed by injuries (and another when Nurkic goes down just before the PO's) for Portland.
  7. I hope you're on board... Bjelica coming through big time. Might still stream his position next week. Don't trust his consistency, but we'll see
  8. Fricking Pierre... delivering for the faithful. Much appreciated my man. Opponent's Valanciunas negated, and I'm back in business. Someone who watched the game, any particular reason behind this, e.g. matchup specifics?
  9. Yeah, probably a stream for me. 3 games remaining was enticing + the multi-cat upside. Very close battle at the moment for me in nearly every category. Percentages are possibly the only ones already settled, but a bricklaying fest out of the blue could change even those. Thought Bjelica could hopefully chip in with 3pt, REB, ST and BLK with low TO.
  10. Have to give a shout out to Rudy... Dude has been essential in keeping me still in the hunt this week. Solid multi-cat lines.
  11. Former Mirotic owner here, on board this one. So far delivered decently in the 1st game. Can get something in several cats, in that sense hopeful, but can go cold in an instant.
  12. E. Gordon sitting out; Brogdon injured, Love can't catch a break. On top of that had to drop Allen (only 1 game remaining this week) to get Mirotic (had 3 games) in the lineup from the INJ stash... Yep, that went well. Combo of 3pt shooting big men were perfect against my opponent, but the plan is falling apart quickly.
  13. edit. nevermind (thought he'd have one B2B lined up this week, which would've been a disaster; but he doesn't)
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