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  1. Green will not come back to play with Finely with no new contract. It makes 0 sense for him. If he does not get traded then he is probably out for the year.
  2. Estaves did not pitch last night because he pitched the previous night and got 6 outs. Both pitchers stats are similar but Estaves was on the il for a bit. Close your eyes and throw a dart. I am praying that Estaves is the choice since i got him, but for sure Davis days in that role is over.
  3. The kid has been solid. One bad game should not make you rush to drop him unless you have a deep fa pool.
  4. Starting monday and it will be interesting to see what he does since he plays for the diamondbacks
  5. He was great last year when given a chance and lets be real Jackson and Pence don't pose much of a threat to him. Slater will hit for average but not much power. Williamson was already sent down since he has not been the same since the concussion.
  6. That is the only thing holding him back and also usage. I am sure the Phils don't want to overwork him this year too.
  7. The Phils set Sir Anthony down once it was not a save category anymore. He is a hold and once he gets a chance to get consecutive saves he will run away with the job. He is the best reliever on that team. I said it before if he was dropped add him it is only a matter of time until he takes that job and runs with it.
  8. Anthony is a long term hold for keeper and dynasty leagues. He has the best stuff on that staff and has only been up 2 weeks. Neris has a very short leash. You would be wise to grab him.
  9. Dominquez has been lights out since he has been up and he got squeezed on a couple of pitches. 2 inning save for someone as young as him is very impressive. I am sure that he was nervous, but still got the job done with only 1 well hit ball in 2 innings. He should have already been on teams since Neris has been shaky. If not run and grab him.
  10. Brutal blow for myself and other owners. Why are you diving back to any base as a pitcher when your arm is the most valuable thing that you have.
  11. Control has been his main flaw in the minors and it has came to the pros also. For the stuff that he has he does not miss many bats at first but the stuff is for real and once he figures it out how to miss more bats he could easily be a #2 starter for the Rockies. Have to remember that he is 24 years old. Everyone expects these young pitchers to come up and be Noah which is unfair especially in Colorado. That offense will provide him with plenty of run support
  12. Whoever kidnapped Myers plz return him to the Padres plz
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