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  1. You sure you want him taking more shots and not having to share? I always felt fewer shots and more passing would increase his efficiency and not destroy fg%. That being said, he's not a true pg so maybe he would be more comfortable.
  2. Did this a couple hours ago in my 10 teamer for boogie/streaming. Feels good... feels really good.
  3. 10 team 9 cat I'm having a hard time deciding who to drop to stream boogie/whoever else is producing. Other candidates are PJ Washington Al Horford Lonzo
  4. I agree with this. Rostering 4-5 inactive players is pretty self destructive even with 2 IR spots.
  5. I also have booker as well and I'd want to sit tight. I feel like he's on the cusp of getting into a groove with CP3... or I'm just hoping he is.
  6. Coby is the only option for the bulls and I feel like it might just be this kind of up and down season for him. I think Garland is in the better spot to get better and have the better fantasy season. Since I have both of them I'm going to watch and see what happens but if I had to pick I'd probably rather roll with Garland.
  7. I lean toward brogdon and Siakam as well and agree with the post above.
  8. Dort or Gallo. Gallo will be injured again soon I'm sure.
  9. 10 team 9 cat I have Horford and D white coming off IL. Garland is on waivers and I could possibly get him. Cut candidates are: K Anderson J Vanderbilt C White Do I cut all three assuming I can swap White for Garland?
  10. Depends on what you need but I'd say Melo and Theis would be the top priorities and then Wright and Vanderbilt but wright is iffy when Rose is back. Harris is just 3s and Anthony is a fg% liability.
  11. Drop Coby White or Kyle Anderson for Garland? Garland just got dropped and I'm wondering if I should use waiver priority to get him. 10 team 9 cat league
  12. Rotoworld blurb on Yahoo reported this too and yet still no C eligibility. Smh
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