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  1. I would stay put for a couple if weeks at least. Maybe drop Hood if he doesnt get off to a convincing start... he needs to prove himself this year!
  2. Maybe collins - just bare in mind that it will take time before he is up to speed. I would actually keep williams... Thanks for helpingon mine!
  3. Its close but I would go KAT/Lavine in a vacuum! Help on mine?
  4. I would say Fultz as I think he will take some time to develop. You are pretty set on guards even without him. Thanks for helping on mine!
  5. Was offered Bledsoe for my D.Russel. I think the bledsoe owner is reading too much into Russels great first game (no way he shoots above 50% from the field) but there is no denying he is in a great situation... and bledsoe has quite a few questionmarks around him... Link to your questions and I will HIR straight away! Cheers!
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