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  1. Not available in my leagues, but I think he's a must add with Tucker gone. Doesn't pan out? Drop him next week.
  2. Touche, huge shortage of bodies tonight, kinda slipped my mind. Hopefully the great performance results in more regular rotational minutes!
  3. As long as he's getting at least 22 minutes, I would say he is. He just provides in every category.
  4. Pretty satisfying line last night. Would hope for at least 1 stock, but the 2 3s and 6 assists make up for it.
  5. Agreed. You don't hold for a month and drop after 2 games. Maybe after 2 weeks of such low minutes and lack of production, but there is a very high likelihood of regretting dropping a mid-round upside guy who was performing at early round value before getting injured.
  6. On board, gotta love picking up guys coming back from injuries. Hope he can regain last year's form!
  7. Sadly he is not on the wire. Literally barren my wire is. The best options are probably Vince Carter, Muscala, and James Johnson...
  8. Man how frustrating. Really love this guy as a glue guy. Got Tyreke in my IR already and nothing on the wire. I'll hold for a month if that'll mean keeping him over the last 4 months of the fantasy season...
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