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  1. Conventional wisdom says Tee Higgins, but do you find a case for flexing Mike Gesicki instead? I'm slightly biasing towards Gesicki and betting on the Tua growing connection, but Higgins is in my lineup right now. PPR
  2. Can't believe I may be benching my healthy first round pick in playoffs, but here we are...
  3. I may be somewhat falling for the "limited sample size" thing, but Taylor has basically been the lead back all season and I think the massive hype surrounding his draft profile simply hasn't fully materialized. On the other hand, Akers has blown away expectations in his limited bell cow opportunities. And we know McVay can support a bell cow having seen Gurley. If I'm drafting for next year now, I'm taking Akers as early as late first round, and I probably don't consider Taylor till the third round (I get that he may be gone by then and that's fine by me). Edit: more than any other p
  4. I'll be targeting this dude in round 2 next year, hell maybe round 1. Which RBs are you targeting before him? CMC, Kamara, Henry, Robinson, Cook, Jacobs, Chubb, maybe Zeke/Jones/Ekeler, then I think I like Akers more than the likes of say Mixon, Sanders, or CEH. Edit: and that offense with Kupp and Woods all but guarantees room to run.
  5. Alright then. Had this guy in my lineup and you guys convinced me to leave it there. Let's go!
  6. I need a time machine to go back to the past and change some outcomes.
  7. Rtsports, believe me I wanted to keep that little "secret" to myself lol, but it's a good platform and I encourage checking it out.
  8. I play in a public money league with no trades and no fcfs FA (waiver bids only). Love it.
  9. Need Josh Allen, Samuel, and Aiyuk to score less than 42 ppr points... Then I'm guaranteed minimum $500... This is after his Aaron Jones brought him back from certain death 😡
  10. Hurt me more than all of you (I had Cousins and Carr but didn't have balls of steel). This was my semifinals week and making it to finals guarantees $500 (winning is 1k). But, it's not over yet and I'll be starting next three weeks for sure (all play with other leagues).
  11. Aaron Jones means my 56 point cushion heading into Monday is a 42 point cushion (his Josh Allen, Samuel, and Aiyuk tonight). Winner advances and gets minimum $500, $1000 if winning next week. Aaron Jones also eliminated me from playoffs in another league because of the TD run. And I'm a Bears fan...
  12. Awfully quiet in this thread for a guy with sneaky value. I'm personally starting ahead of Lamb in three leagues. I do worry about that phantom injury. Anyone think that it's possible for him to not be active even without an injury designation? Seems the type of thing Gruden can do lol.
  13. Anyone starting this guy for a Tuesday game? Personally I'm leaning towards a "worse" player that plays Sunday [...]
  14. He's the classic bust in your lineup but boom on your bench player this year. Super torn personally between him and Lamb.
  15. God Lamb.... I have you on six teams lol. Catch that TD!
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