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  1. I had fox already plugged in the lineup before the news dropped. Trade legit processed 2 hours before. The owner wanted a boost in 3s and save %s and I wanted assists. Needless to say I’m loving tonight’s fox production u can’t give up on these things u kno donut
  2. I asked u too!! I traded him this morning for d.fox !! Dam. My league mates tight lmao
  3. U can’t find someone else? Bailey gives more stats so I’d drop bev... if u can stomach those percentages
  4. Thanks guys! This trade has been processed lmao right before Malik’s suspension lmao!! All my league mates telling me we shoulda canceled it rofl !!
  5. https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/838299-my-malik-beasly-for-his-deaaron-fox-whr/ I would keep Allen for consisten production. Help with mine?
  6. Hi guys what u think. It’s 10 man roto 9 cat. I’m technically tanking percentages and tos and am in dire need of assists. Do u think Malik beasly is more promising though ? Whir
  7. He was dropped in my 10 man league... how much of a waiver bid is fair for him... some were saying 30??
  8. Someone take this trash out of my team... thank god I had the foresight to bench this grinch
  9. Bodies start to drop, hit da floor, now they wanna kno me since im on top
  10. Went to a nets and spurs game recently, and as a joke cause i had no fantasy players playing i added derrick white..jus to make it fun...he dropped 19 pts with 3 blocks and 1 steal..AND hes still on my team, what a player. Cant beat percentages, stocks and now even assists!
  11. I take back what i said, im so happy i played him
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