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  1. Kobe's 1 year anniversary of his death is in 2 weeks
  2. I watched the later part of the game...all he does know is hang out at the corner three point line
  3. https://twitter.com/barstoolsports/status/1212235388179374080?s=20
  4. I got Kyrie, Ayton, Bagley, Blake Griffin crew checking in
  5. Dropping him for that serbian guy on the Kings. Pistons' season is over and he'll get random days off
  6. Did he even turn the ankle during his one game?
  7. Going into tonight. My Doyle vs his Kamara I lost by .4 points thanks to Doyle's a**
  8. I needed 5 points from Doyle. He got me 4
  9. All I need is 5 more points.. I'm going to lose aren't I?
  10. How has he gotten so many chances, but it seems like Justin Blackman only got a couple of chances?
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